| 30 Jan 2023
Warner Music Group becomes Interlude Music's founding major label partner

MUMBAI: Warner Music Group (WMG) has formed a strategic alliance with Interlude Music, which will see WMG become the major founding label partner of the interactive media company. The deal will enable WMG to develop and distribute interactive and innovative video music content with the help of Interlude's cutting edge technology.

Together, both companies will create a portfolio of interactive music content for WMG artistes to offer them more commercial and creative opportunities. The alliance will also offer Interlude premium advertising, new sponsorship opportunities and brand integration.

In a statement released by the company WMG chief operating officer/corporate Rob Wiesenthal said, "Great videos not only complement songs, but deepen the emotional connection between artists and their fans. Interlude's technology enables a level of seamless fan engagement that has never before been possible. This venture is both an interactive canvas for our artists and a new way for fans to share customised videos. Interlude's video technology will allow for a level of creativity in digital brand integration that is both engaging and elegant. This is the latest in a series of WMG alliances with top-of-class emerging digital players that help set Warner Music apart from its peers."

Speaking on the alliance, Interlude ceo and co-founder Yoni Bloch said, "Our team is extremely passionate about offering the most creative storytelling opportunities for today's artists because we started out as musicians ourselves. We are thrilled to partner with the innovators at Warner Music Group, which shares our vision of all-encompassing interactivity. Music is just the beginning. As artists and creators increasingly recognize the power of interactive video, the public and advertisers will surely follow.”

Interlude, which is considered to be YouTube's competitor has previously collaborated with WMG on two projects- Coldplay's 'Ink' and Damon Albarn's 'Heavy Seas of Love'.

The new partnership has already released two new videos- 'Touchin, Lovin' by Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj and 'Staying Out All Night' by Wiz Khalifa. Upcoming collaborations will include videos by Trevor Jackson, Cash Cash and AJR.