| 28 Nov 2021
Soundbrush Records presents Universal Sacred Music for chorus, a new album by Roger Davidson

MUMBAI: Soundbrush Records releases a new music album, Universal Sacred Music for Chorus, composed by Roger Davidson. The newly released album builds on the success of Davidson's debut choral music recordings, Missa Universalis (SoundBrush Records), which was originally released in 1988 and features his first three Universal Masses. In this sequel, Davidson presents Missa Universalis IV through VI, along with four additional pieces – three Prayers and Amen, composed between1982 through 2003.

The three Prayers – Ayejael (Prayer of Jesus), Ayejael Cherokii (Cherokee Prayer) and Ayejael Sufii (Sufi Prayer) reinforce the theme of universal unity. "[It] is written to reflect humanity's reverence of God as expressed in the faith traditions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Zoroastrianism," explains Roger Davidson.

Conducted by Harold Rosenbaum, the three Missas are performed by the New York Virtuoso Singers, its beauty heightened by select wind instruments. The English horn of Matthew Dine guides Missa Universalis IV; Jo-Anne Sternberg's clarinet is featured on Missa Universalis V and Dine returns on oboe alongside bassoonist Seth Baer for the climax of Missa Universalis VI "The Names of God". The final selection embodies Davidson's prayer for lasting peace, recognizing that we are all Brothers and Sisters, children of one eternally loving God.

Universal Sacred Music for Chorus reflects Roger Davidson's aspirations and impressive history in classical choral music, enriched by his lifelong studies and work as a pianist and composer; collaboration with artists from around the world; and his accomplishments as an ordained minister and founder of Society for Universal Sacred Music and Soundbrush Records.