| 17 Apr 2024
Jeremy Sirota upped as SVP business & legal affairs at ADA and WEA

MUMBAI: Warner Music group promoted Jeremy Sirota to the post of SVP business and legal affairs at ADA (Alternative Distribution Alliance) and WEA (Warner-Elektra-Atlantic). He will report to Eliah Seton and Matt Signore.

Sirota will oversee both oversee both ADA’s and WEA’s business development strategies. He has been leading business development at WEA for over six years and with the new role, he will be working to build ADA as well.

Since joining WEA in 2009, he has played an instrumental role in negotiating contracts with retailers, vendors and partners that are paramount to WEA’s success. He also looks into marketing and distribution deals for artists and songwriters. He will use his expertise to identify, negotiate and execute business deals and strategies to both ADA and WEA in his new role.

Prior to joining WEA, Sirota worked with Morrison & Foerster LLP for more than four years where he drafted agreements for various IP transactions along with his other responsibilities.