| 17 Jun 2024
BMG acquires indie Verse Music Group

MUMBAI: International music company BMG has acquired New York based independent label- Verse Music Group. It will look after the publishing and recording catalogue of Verse Music Group, which owns rights to around 40,000 songs and recordings.

Through the acquisition, BMG will join forces with legendary funk and dance label- Salsoul Records, classic jazz-  Bethlehem Music, children’s record label-Golden Records and dance music label-West End Records. Golden Records has worked with artists like Danny Kaye, Roy Rodgers, Bing Crosby and Johnny Cash, among others. West End Records is said to have helped introduce the 12-inch single-the vinyl format popularised by disco music in the 1970s and is led by Paradise Garage founder Mel Cheren.

BMG Chrysalis US president creative and marketing Laurent Hubert said, “Verse has assembled an extremely varied and wide-ranging catalogue which touches many of the most influential moments in popular music history. There are considerable synergies with existing BMG catalogues which make this acquisition particularly exciting.”

2010-formed Verse was founded by award-winning songwriter/producers Curt Frasca and Sabelle Breer who has worked with likes of Madonna, Avril Lavigne, Missy Higgins and Celine Dion.

Verse Music Group had a few successful catalogues from the likes of long-time Rod Stewart collaborator Kevin Savigar, Grammy Award-winning Franne Golde and the much-sampled Linda Laurie and Camex catalogue.