| 18 Jun 2024
Dosem announces new label project 'Houstrike'

MUMBAI: Dosem is a name synonymous with solid productions, deep, soulful House and Techno music, and DJ sets that connect with the audience on a primal level. As his reputation continues to grow, the natural choice is to create an outlet for his music that allows him total creative freedom and a means to express what makes him such a highly respected and revered artist. As a result, Dosem is proud to present the birth of his new label project Houstrike.

At its core, Houstrike is a label that will exclusively focus on releasing Dosem’s own work, as well as a place for others to collaborate with him and remix his own originals, free from the traditional constraints of working under a label, creating something of a Dosem-themed music lab, with a focus on b-sides and album tracks rather than scoring just hits. But from a wider perspective Houstrike aims to be a project that values the importance of its fans, with a range of outlets and products that will give them a fully immersive experience. As well as new music, Houstrike will also offer events, merchandising, mixtapes, a video channel and special editions of releases. Taking a modern approach to distribution, Houstrike will largely release on a digital only basis, but select releases will also be available in physical formats, providing a collectable treat for the new generation of vinyl junkies.

Yet putting the logistics and practicalities aside, what matters most to Dosem are the mantras and values of the label. Both soul and passion are key to the project, from the music itself, through to the artwork, design, and even the name. The minimalist logo and Asian calligraphy epitomise the simple yet futuristic nature of techno, the simple lines demonstrating the connection between music and self—the line on the logo always ascending as a signal of positivity and evolution, while the deep orange colour is representative of the fire and soul that Dosem puts into his music. The name conjures images of power and creativity, striking out, trying something new, using any knocks and criticism to fuel creativity and try something new.

In the words of Marc Dosem himself, Houstrike is all about “creative freedom, breaking rules, and inner revolution”. It’s clear he has a solid vision for how the label will evolve, and an unrivalled passion for making it something very special, both for Dosem and the fans. The end result is simple - Houstrike is music with soul, passion, and ambition, something that is all too rare nowadays, and will see the label form an important and valued part of the scene in years to come.