| 24 Jun 2024
Ranveer's music label to make music for hearing impaired

MUMBAI: With his music label IncInk Records, actor Ranveer Singh is trying his best to create music for people with hearing impairment.

During one of the episodes of the hip hop reality show MTV Hustle, the label's artist Spitfire aka Nitin Mishra, the writer and composer of the hit song Asli Hip Hop from the film Gully Boy, performed his song Vartalap alongside a sign language interpreter for the benefit of the hearing impaired audience.

Talking about the initiative, Ranveer said, "I can't imagine my life without songs, and there are so many people who don't have the option of experiencing music at all! We wanted to attempt to change that.

"We want to translate our art in a way so those who cannot hear can somehow still consume it; even if they can't hear our songs but can in this manner see what we are trying to say with our music and maybe enjoy it, that's all we want. Every single thing we do at IncInk is all heart."

Ranveer launched the music label with filmmaker Navzar Eranee in March. Eranee said, "We wanted to include sign language from day one with all our music creatives. We want to make it mandatory as a practice and as we look into the future, utilize more techniques to include a larger audience who may not have the benefits that we enjoy when it comes to the arts. The Vartalap performance was a start in this direction."

(Source: IANS)