| 24 Mar 2023
Imran Qureshi unveils new music label 'Inbox Music'
MUMBAI: In the present landscape, Inbox Pictures CMD Imran Qureshi S/o Sajid Qureshi is definitely one of the elite and enterprising names emerging in the business. He undoubtedly has the highly coveted dual qualities of being a respected dramatic. 
With the exemplary vision for Inbox Music, founder Imran Qureshi strives to reach phenomenal heights.  Imran Qureshi has an indigenous philosophy towards musical arts system. He believes that the music should be soul-stirring and should have a pervasive influence on mind and heart. He himself is a Mozart music fan. 
Inbox Music will also venture into producing and releasing music videos for Music Albums in Hindi and Punjabi languages and for independent artist and singers. With a focused, well thought of strategy, coupled with an intuitive mind, he aims to catapult Inbox Music to multi-product, multi-functional company and a force to be reckoned with in the world music industry.
Inbox Music focus lies to contribute many fresh talents each brilliant in its own creative fields.
Commenting about the new label, Qureshi exclaims, "Yes, Inbox Music will be home to the most loved and commercially successful artist but we want to encourage fresh talent as well. There are so much of talent and artistes in the city of dreams, in pursuit of their dreams, I intend to give them a platform to perform and connect with music connoisseurs."
"I want to create opportunities for them to showcase their work and connect them with the audiences," Imran Qureshi further adds.
He will set precedence and promote independent original Music and his great planning for his dream venture.
Today the music company sets its doors open to scale new heights and horizon in the field of music.