| 24 Mar 2023
SANAM band releases 'Jaane De Mujhe' with VYRL Originals

MUMBAI: Love in this monsoon has arrived in the form of a heart break as India's biggest band, SANAM launches their latest track Jaane De Mujhe in collaboration with VYRL Originals. The track puts in the picture how mere love and commitment sometimes cannot suffice a relationship. The stars also play an unfortunate role at times.

YouTube sensational band, SANAM says “Working on this song was a lot of fun. We sampled almost 12 different vocal mics along with 4 different preamps to see what works best for this song. Even the video shoot was a lot of fun. Working with Pooja and Prayrit was an amazing experience. Was so comfortable and they really took care of us. Every step of the way, the entire VYRL Originals team has always valued our inputs and tried their best to make changes that will work for us. Over all we are really excited to take this further with VYRL Originals and make some amazing music together!”

SANAM band business manager and Kurian & Co Talent Management founder and MD Ben Thomas said, “I have stood my ground to support independent music, to have my artists play front in place of playing back and I have been open to associate with like-minded partners. When I heard Vinit and the entire VYRL Originals team speaking the same language with a whole lot of enthusiasm and artist centric approach, it felt like a victory of sorts. I am extremely positive about this association and truly believe this is just the beginning.”

Universal Music Group India & South Asia, senior vice president, Vinit Thakkar said, “SANAM is a role model for any aspiring band in the country as they are undoubtedly the biggest and best band in India today. From singing covers to originals to developing an ardent fan base, the band has structured their journey impeccably so far. The band has chosen VYRL Originals as their first ever label association and we are thrilled to be working with them. With VYRL’s artist centric approach, coupled with this unique association, I am confident that SANAM fans and non-film music lovers are bound to be enthralled like never before.”

SANAM band beautifully brings out the true meaning of love and its various essences through emotional lines penned by Kunaal Verma sided by images that will bring guaranteed tears to your eyes. The song is an ode to reminiscing the old times spent in love. Jaane De Mujhe explains that love cannot single-handedly fix the cracks in a relationship regardless of its intensity.

Known for their covers, predominantly of the legendary Kishore Kumar, the band has created a niche for themselves in the music space. The four members of the band comprising of Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, Venky and Keshav portray a vulnerable self, envisaging and delivering a gripping and passionate story, which is excellently directed by Prayrit Seth.

The video reflects Sanam Puri playing the lead role of a grief stricken and in-despair partner of his lady love, who is suffering from mental health issues. Sanam tries his very best to keep things strong but he realizes how love alone is not sufficient to keep the relationship going and eventually succumbs to fate.

Check this mesmerizing video here:

VYRL Originals has been a leader in building up the non-film music culture and category in India. VYRL Originals and SANAM band’s partnership is a befitting association of music ideologies. Non-film music has been at the highest point of music charts across the nation and it is a current rage amongst the youth who are looking for original and meaningful music today.