| 29 Jan 2023
On the other side of the world, itÆs in their DNA to procure licenses for music: Malini Hariharan, Horus Music

MUMBAI: The influx of new talent and equal influx of new platforms to showcase the talent are the main reasons for the rapidly changing dynamics of music industry. Horus Music, is one such platform that is set to nurture deserving talent under its aegis.  A United Kingdom Based music distribution company and music label, established in 2006, set its footprint in India two years ago. Since then,   the company has been an endeavour to identify best talent and bring it forth. 

“We check the content and recommendations on YouTube. In this ecosystem, there are many missing points and we are on an endeavour to connect dots, " says Malini Hariharan. 

It’s just not a music distribution company but also has a music publishing arm under the title Anara Publishing. It's roaster has indie artists, songwriters and composers too. “We have marketing services and we are trying to bring the segment of playlist services too in India,” shared Malini. Today, the praiseworthy network of company includes Sony Pictures, VICE, Lionsgate, CBS, Playsta8on and beyond

In the initiation years, Horus Music started with Music Management in the West only to realise the real challenge for artists was music distribution. To cement the wide gap and for the benefit of artists, Horus Music started with multiple tabs in one company. However, these are the challenges that are faced by evolved markets; in India the challenges are different. Malini observes, “India’s music inudtsry is still in a nascent stage. On the other side of the world, its in their DNA to procure licenses for music. That system is still to be streamlined here.”

She also feels the way a musician works here is very different, “To make a musician successful there are many stakeholders and there has to be a hierarchy. Even there is less planning involved when an artiste decides to release his work in India.”

Horus Music is currently handling substantial clientele in India and they are trying to provide a definite channel to all of them. “Given our global presence, we are in connect with music supervisors in the west; the team that actually co-ordinates artists in the industry. Therefore, whenever we have a requirement from them, we try and map the talent we have on our Indian roaster.”

While the constant debate in Indian music industry is that a musician has not arrived till he/she hasn’t been a part of Bollywood project, Malini shares a great news, “When Zoya Akhtar heard Ta Dhom a track by Viveick Rajgopalan - one of the finest percussionist who published his work with us, she instantly told she would like to have something of that sort for her new film Gully Boy. Since we don’t have the process of licensing, instead of the original track, a fresh new track has been composed by Viveick.” This development is sign that shows the even inde musicians are acknowledged and appreciated in India. Certainly, a good news and a stepping stone for a long journey.

Horus Music India has already struck direct deals with many local digital partners including Hungama, Gaana, Saavn and globally partnered with Spotify too.

While the company is on an endeavour to support and create a space for independent musicians, movie production companies too, interest them. Classical Music however, is a different game, “We would love to. However, all the old classics are taken over by the already existing labels, ” signs off Malini.