| 20 Jul 2024
Daler Mehendi's 'Tun Tunak Tun' stands behind the change of Shemaroo EntertainmentÆs new logo

MUMBAI: Shemaroo Entertainment has been a household name for more than five decades now with the exhaustive repertoire of Bollywood movies and chartbusting music. What also stood unique was the brand’s logo in a font that was similar to the Mandarin font. 55 years later, the brand unveiled a new logo, introducing a fresh identity for Shemaroo, retaining its earlier mission to entertainment.  Hiren Gada, CEO and Atul Maru Joint MD, Shemaroo Entertainment along with Kunal Jeswani, CEO – Ogilvy India showcased a new brand identity to the world.

Kunal Jeswani shared an interesting backstory for the ideation of the logo and the tagline ‘India Khush Hua.’ “One of our team members, who was visiting Delhi for work, decided to go to a pub post meeting. He was enjoying his drinks and food amidst mood lighting and some music in the background and after a certain time, the floor was open with DJ playing the music. Surprisingly, the first request for a song was a desi hit, Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehndi and all of sudden the entire pub was a part of the music being played. That’s when we realised that no matter what, Indians comeback to Indian music and enjoy it the most, therefore the tagline 'India Khush Hua', because indeed Indians are happy when there is Indian or desi music."

As an extension of this thought, Hiren Gada also shared, “We decided to revamp the logo as we realised that industry has gone way beyond the time and era when we had started. Our previous logo didn’t align with the current scenario. If you see the logo, the multi-coloured dots signify burst of energy and that what exactly Shemaroo Entertainment stands for.”

Shemaroo has always provided its viewers with refreshing and engaging content. But the needs of the fast-paced modern generation are different from what they used to be. 

The new logo combines the needs of a digitised age with the nation’s culture of vivacity to give rise to a fresh brand identity. The logo comprises a series of overlapping layers in rich Indian colours standing for Shemaroo’s promise of offering an imaginative range of zesty Indian content to a diverse group of consumers. The shape of the design elements has been derived from the digital play button.

Hiren Gada also shared, “Shemaroo is proud to be truly Indian. We Indians love our masala as much as we love our masala content. And with over five decades of doing what we do best, we’ve come to understand what India really wants when it comes to being entertained. It is a momentous occasion for us as we re-introduce our brand with a fresh and disruptive format which will appeal to Indian audiences across the world. I am proud to launch the new brand identity which combines the needs of a digitised age with the nation’s vibrancy.” 

The company is known for the YouTube channel 'Filmi Gaane', among the Top Ten YouTube channels in India streaming Bollywood music. Among the many positive changes in recent past, the channel has close to a strong 11 million subscriber base. 

The company saw a re-shuffle at the management and has focused plans to provide the best of entertainment, adding further Hiren Gada said, “Earlier this year we announced that we have embarked on a transformation journey and have set out to achieve 5X growth in five years. This new identity clearly reflects our ambition, passion and commitment to the goal. We are now gearing up for consumer-facing business opportunities, which will help fuel this ambition”.

On being asked, if Shemaroo will also diversify beyond the existing realm and create a platform for independent music considering the reach of its Bollywood channel, the chief shared, "We are not a creative house or a music label. Most of the companies that are into independent music are primarily music labels. Therefore, as of now, we are not planning for anything of this sort. Also, no matter what new genre or music comes in, the following for Bollywood is 10X more and in that Shemaroo has quality content."

The identity will be unveiled across all Shemaroo assets including the digital medium where Shemaroo garners over 600 million views a month. 

Giving some of the biggest hits like MR India, Sholay, and latest one like Drishyam and many more, audiences have always associated Shemaroo Entertainment with its earlier logo, however, with the new logo, audiences can expect a novel body of work keeping the Indian sensibilities in accordance by the company.