| 23 Jul 2024
Shemaroo Entertainment sees a shuffle at the top management
Shemaroo Entertainment
Shemaroo Entertainment

MUMBAI: Shemaroo Entertainment Limited, India’s leading content powerhouse has elevated Hiren Gada as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Kranti Gada as the Chief Operations Officer.

Hiren Gada, handling the dual role of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer, would be the force behind charting the trajectory for Shemaroo Entertainment. He has been the reason to scale up the business for Shemaroo in recent past and also getting the company listed.

Simultaneously, Shemaroo has leveraged Kranti Gada as the Chief Operations Officer from her previous standing as Senior Vice President in the same company. Kranti has been at the helm of affairs with the DTH segment and launching the sought after YouTube channel Filmi Gaane and Shemaroo movies. The YouTube channel Filmi Gaane was launched in the year 2010 and has a staggering base of 8,265,848 subscribers. The channel is a one-stop destination for all hit songs of yesteryear as well as current blockbusters.

The second generation of the family, the brother-sister duo has played an active role in the success of Shemaroo as an entertainment conglomerate. Both of them have made relentless efforts in achieving a confluence between the old and the new-age technologies and bringing the company to the forefront of the industry.

Hiren Gada has been with the company for past 15 years, while Kranti has been with the company for 12 years, post her successful stint with Pepsi Co for two years.

Under Kranti’s aegis, Shemaroo’s YouTube Channel “FilmiGaane” crossed three billion cumulative views in the year 2017 and continues to grow. Also, she has played a key role in setting up Shemaroo’s mobile business and established the company as a leading Mobile Value Added Service (VAS) player of the country.

With a clear focus on strengthening the organisation for the next phase of development, Jai Maroo - Director of the company will now move from his current role of guiding the expansion of digital media business to focus on organizational transformation and excellence.

Raman Maroo and Atul Maru retain their positions as Managing Director and Joint Managing Director of the company respectively.

Commenting on the management restructuring, Shemaroo’s Managing Director Raman Maroo said, “Our endeavour has always been to build a future ready organisation with distinct professional capabilities while retaining its entrepreneurial culture. We have done that with an emphasis on developing internal talent and marrying that by bringing in great talent from industry peers. We want to create a structure that will power us as we enter our next growth phase.”

Starting as library some five decades ago, this family enterprise has successfully transformed into a professional set-up over the years. Also, Shemaroo Entertainment has been effective in adapting to newer platforms and technology over the years and continues to grow.