| 18 Jul 2024
Velodyne to rock New York Fashion Week with gift bag sponsorships of designers Carrie Hammer and Dom Streater

MUMBAI: Audio technology innovator Velodyne Acoustics, announced that the company is co-sponsoring runway events at New York Fashion Week for Carrie Hammer and Dom Streater, two of today's hottest new fashion designers. With its artistic over-ear headphones featuring one-of-a-kind personalized, customizable designer "skins" that suit any wardrobe, style or occasion.

First up is Carrie Hammer's New York Fashion Week runway show for her namesake brand CARRIE HAMMER, set for February 12 at 10 a.m. at the Lightbox, 339 West 38th Street in Manhattan. Inside 200 gift bags for press and attendees will be a selection of Velodyne vLeve headphones.

CARRIE HAMMER describes her new line as custom dress for professional businesswomen. The premise behind her brand is that clothing should be made to fit the woman, not the other way around. Velodyne's vLeve headphones are perfectly suited to the professional woman who wants awesome sound without the headache of heavy gear. Models will wear the slim yet powerful headphones on the runway as a fashion accessory. The vLeve is customizable, with more than 20 choices of covers, including red and black leather, matching Carrie Hammer's sophisticated line.

The following day, Velodyne gear will be out in force again, as part of a gift bag sponsorship of fashion and textile designer Dom Streater. The runway and fashion presentation will unveil Royals, Dom's Fall/Winter 2015 Collection, at Rogue Space, 508 W. 26th Street in Manhattan, at 1 p.m. There, Velodyne will display its new vFree Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold metallic electroplated headphones. All complement Dom's new fashion line, which features bold prints in black, white, and smoke grey with accents of silver and gold. Rod Streater, celebrated Oakland Raiders wide receiver, will serve as Brand Ambassador for the silver metallic line, with his own signature edition of the silver vFree. The limited edition headphones are not yet for sale, but Velodyne will be taking advance orders at the show.

Velodyne will provide 120 pairs of vFree headphones in gift bags for press and attendees, along with units for 10 runway models. At a post-show reception, Velodyne will also display a bold black vLeve, a matte black vLeve and a silver vLeve.

Velodyne's award-winning on-ear headphones offer the perfect canvas for the company's 35 flexible, artist-designed silicon-based skins, enabling music lovers to match the style of the headphones they wear to the fashions and sounds they prefer. Widely recognized as the leading manufacturer of high-performance, low distortion powered subwoofers prized primarily by men, Velodyne was the first company to envision a set of headphones as an artistic canvas and to offer custom-designed skins as accessories with headphones that appeal to both men and women.

Velodyne President and well-known artist Marta Hall and a team of Velodyne engineers began designing lightweight headphones and "artistic edition" skins shortly after Hall joined the company in 2011.

"As wearable technology, Velodyne designer skins add a dramatic visual dimension to an already dynamic audio experience and offer those who value high-quality sound and high style a new way to express themselves," Hall said. "Velodyne has been experimenting with headphones that are minimal in their shape and feature covers that are lightweight but fit snugly enough to enable artists, designers, musicians and painters to customize the overall look. This innovation has paved the way for collaboration with designers like Carrie Hammer and Dom Streater, who have been invited to provide art and textile design for our skins."