| 20 Jul 2024
Yamaha A-S1100 integrated Amp takes audiophilesÆ passion for music and sound to the next level

MUMBAI: Yamaha introduced the A-S1100 integrated amplifier, the ideal centerpiece for a true audiophile Hi-Fi system that integrates exclusive technologies found in the company’s highly-acclaimed flagship A-S3000 and A-S2100 models.

The A-S1100 is equipped with a patented Yamaha floating balance power design and MOSFET amplifier technology, allowing the amplifier to output a warm, highly dynamic and natural sound for all music genres.

In its appearance, the A-S1100 expresses the lively energy of music with eye-catching level meters, rich piano black wood side panels and a metal front panel with machined aluminum control knobs. The A-S1100 is available in black and brushed silver finishes and is classically styled with clean seam lines and a design aesthetic resembling the flagship A-S3000 model.

“If you are passionate about music, listening to your favorite artists and songs can be intimate and nostalgic. By delivering a full spectrum of sound to faithfully reproduce the emotion and dynamics of these recordings, the A-S1100 delivers an elevated audio experience to this discerning audience,” said Bob Goedken, general manager, Yamaha Corporation of America, AV Division. “The A-S1100 creates a closer relationship between the music and the listener, which is essential for an inspiring musical experience.”

With its all-stage fully discrete construction, balanced transmission and low impedance design, the A-S1100 produces greater sonic vitality, providing a rich smoothness with reduced noise and eliminating signal transmission loss. With the large-capacity EI-core transformer, the power source is assisted to deliver bass reproduction that is strong and uplifting.

The A-S1100 incorporates a left-right symmetrical chassis design, where the power supply is in the center and the amplifier sections are at each end to achieve superior 2-channel stereo separation for greater detail. This integrated amp is built with exceptional mechanical rigidity and installation stability that provides high quality sound by minimizing any mechanical vibration.

The A-S1100 integrates perfectly with turntables through a built-in phono preamp that recreates the richness in sound with well-defined musicality when playing vinyl records with either MC or MM phono cartridges.
Yamaha has left no detail to chance; to ensure secure connections, the A-S1100 utilizes redesigned screw-type speaker terminals for uncompromised sound quality. The unit includes an attractive remote control that features an aluminum front panel similar to the amplifier with a simple, easy-to-understand button layout.

The Yamaha A-S1100 will be available exclusively at authorised Yamaha dealers in early September for $2,999.95.