| 02 Oct 2022
Euphoria's Palash Sen joins Circle Pro Audio as Brand Ambassador

MUMBAI: Dr. Palash Sen, the lead vocalist of Hindi rock band Euphoria has partnered with Mumbai based audio manufacturing company Circle Pro Audio to endorse their line of audio equipments. As part of this association, the company will be launching a Signature Palash Sen series of Wireless Microphones.

The series will be officially launched at the Palm Expo, Mumbai held at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregoan on 28 May. One of the few Indian brands in the space, Circle Pro Audio launched its first wireless microphone series in 2012 after three years of incessant sampling and testing. The first wireless microphone to be launched was the U -1000, which continues to be the top selling product.

Circle Pro Audio founder and partner, Nixon Johny, says, "Circle Pro Audio entered the wireless microphone space to provide an economical alternative to the international brands. Apart from the Signature Palash Sen series, we are launching Wireless Guitar System, Wired Podium Microphone and a range of economical microphones at Palm Expo as it is the biggest gathering for pro-audio professionals across India."

Flooded with international brands, musicians, engineers and sound vendors were craving for a cost-effective, good quality Indian brand for decades and Circle Pro Audio came into existence to fill in the void.

"We at Circle are thriving hard every day with a vision to create a change in the Pro Audio Industry and Support from the Industry like Dr. Sen is an example that we are on the right track," states the company's managing partner- Sachit Subramanian.

Commenting on his association with Circle Pro Audio, Sen says, "It is a proud moment for me to see an Indian brand launch a signature series professional microphone in an industry which is dominated by international players. I have always believed in supporting people who are out there to do great things. I have been using the microphone since last November and have found it to be on par with any international brand's product out there. For all the musicians aspiring to achieve great vocal tones at their live performances, this product is the best thing you can buy."

The Signature Palash Sen series is priced at Rs. 19,435/-