| 18 May 2024
Neat Microphones, a division of Gibson Brands, set new standards in USB Mics with launch of "widgets"

MUMBAI: Gibson Brands, the fastest-growing company in the music and sound industries, has announced the launch of the "widget" mic line by Neat Microphones. Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO and Chairman of Gibson Brands, states, "The time for entirely new thinking in how microphones are designed, manufactured, and applied is overdue—not only to benefit professionals, but also to create products that improve the audio experience of all consumers."

Since joining Gibson Brands, Neat has released their Bee Microphone line for professional audio applications and now, with more people turning to computers for voice communications, Neat is launching the Widget line for home and educational use. The current lineup consists of three cool desktop USB mics that not only capture sound beautifully, but whose colorful looks also capture the imagination.

Neat Microphones' president, Skipper Wise, came to Gibson Brands from Blue Microphones, which he co-founded with Martins Saulespurens. Together they revolutionise the recording industry by changing the way people record with and perceive microphones. They introduced the best-selling, top in class Snowball and Yeti professional USB microphones to the marketplace. Now with Gibson, the former Blue management team is taking microphones to the next level.

Neat carries on that tradition for consumer-oriented, computer-based applications—‘widgets’ plug directly into a computer's USB port, bypassing the need for preamps, interfaces, and other complicated gear. Each Widget combines high-resolution, better-than-CD-quality audio performance (96 kHz, 24-bit resolution) with true plug-and-play operation for both Mac and Windows computers.

According to Wise, "Whether it's a grandfather talking to his granddaughter, a long-distance relationship, or a business conference call, more and more people are using computers for communications—as well as taking dictation, capturing musical ideas, recording notes in class, or simply preserving audio memories. Widgets address those needs with the highest quality possible—these mics don't just capture sound, but every syllable and emotion of a conversation."

Juszkiewicz adds, "Neat is about creating the next generation of microphones—one that innovates from manufacturing processes to final look and feel. Neat's products sound better, look better, and are simpler to operate. Even better, Gibson Brands understands that just because they're making ground-breaking, serious products doesn't mean Neat can't have fun creating a brand and culture."

Widgets are available for $99.00 starting on November 15, 2015 at fine retailers world-wide including:,,, BestBuy Canada,, and