| 19 Aug 2022
New Traveler Guitars launched: Sonic L-22, Electric, Pro-Series Mod X and Versatile Hybrid

MUMBAI: This month Traveler Guitar, the leading innovator in the design and manufacturing of full-scale travel guitars, introduced the Sonic L-22 and Pro-Series Mod-X.

The Sonic L-22 affords electric guitar players a full spectrum of tone and playing options in a portable, ergonomic body with traditional appointments. The Pro-Series Mod-X is the Swiss army knife of Traveler Guitars—with elements of both electric and acoustic guitar designs and a bevy of sound options, the Mod-X is Traveler Guitar’s most versatile creation yet.

Full features include:

· The Sonic L-22 features a full 24 ¾” scale playing design, a newly redesigned on board headphone amplifier, two-full sized hum buckers, a 3-way selector, traditional tuning machines, a 1/8” aux-in, which allows the player to connect any music device and play alongside their favourite tracks. Accessories include Deluxe Gig Bag, which fits in airline overhead compartments.

· The Pro-Series Mod-X is a versatile hybrid electric and acoustic travel guitar equipped with a 24 ¾” scale neck, a dual-rail hum bucker with coil split switch, an under-saddle piezo acoustic pickup, (which can be used by itself or by blending with the hum bucker). Accessories include a removable lap rest and upper-arm support for comfort during play and portability while travelling and a Deluxe Gig Bag, which fits in airline overhead compartments. Traveler Guitar provides their clients, who range from pilots to CEOs to professional musicians, actors and personalities (EMMY Award-winning actor Jeff Daniels, Country superstar Zac Brown, comedian Kevin Nealon, and members of Aerosmith) with:

·The ability to have quality guitar playing experiences everywhere.

· The security of not having to baggage checks a guitar and risk damage.

· The convenience of creating music while travelling for business or pleasure.

· The benefit of playing quietly while wearing headphones to eliminate disrupting others.

The Sonic L-22 and Pro Series Mod-X are now available for $379.99 and $449.99, respectively, nationally and internationally at various instrument and music retailers including Guitar Centre and Sam Ash stores across the United States.