| 31 May 2023
Earlove high-fidelity earplugs unveils next generation design with Earlove-XO

MUMBAI: Earlove announced today the introduction of Earlove-XO, a high-fidelity earplug with a lower profile design. By introducing the XO, with its shorter stem and full 20 –dB sound reduction, Earlove is giving people a more discreet way to say yes to hearing protection. Originally developed for musicians, Earlove earplugs provide the same top-notch sound quality and protection using professional grade noise reduction and unequaled fidelity preservation by Etymotic Research, the leader in consumer and prosumer hearing protection.

The compact design of Earlove-XO has a similar performance of the long stem Classic Earlove that musicians and music lovers have come to know and love. Earlove XO preserves the clarity of music and speech better than any other non-custom earplug, allowing users to listen longer more safely. Earlove-XO can be worn easily under hats, helmets and even headphones and comes with a new neck-cord design and silver metal carrying tube with keychain mount.

Earlove will introduce the new design of Earlove-XO at their booth in Gear Alley at SXSW 2015, the premier music and technology conference. In addition, Carolynn Travis created and will moderate a panel session, 'Be Hear Now: Hearing Protection is Music’s Future'. Noise induced hearing loss is poised to become the next major public health crisis, having a profound impact not just on professionals at every level of the music business but on all music fans who support them with dedication and dollars. In addition to the panel, Earlove will be hitting the streets of Austin with partner’s 'we’re hEAR For You' to distribute 10,000 free pairs of foam earplugs to the masses.

Earlove was founded in 2004 by Carolynn Travis - musician, DJ, band & label manager, and popular fixture of Chicago’s many diverse music scenes — who’s personal experience with noise-induced hearing loss prompted her to take up the fight against this widespread yet preventable disability. By providing Earlove and devoting countless hours to educating audiences on hearing conservation, Travis is purposefully transforming the way people think about safe hearing.