| 20 Apr 2024
We have to educate Indian market towards music: Rehan Siddiqui

MUMBAI: Yamaha Music India Pvt. Ltd launched a PSR I500 under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. This new model is an ideal portable keyboard for global music lovers who want to learn and perform.

The instrument consists of a vast collection of onboard Indian instruments tunes and auto accompaniment style functions which covers a broad spectrum of Indian music genres from every corner of the country.

The PSR I500 will be available at 23,990 rupees and will be exported to other countries in the future.

On the product front, Yamaha Music India business head sales and marketing Rehan Siddiqui said, “Our vision is to target 680 cities. We want to make availability of this product to all districts and make sure every city has at least one music shop that has this product. We want more than 1000 touch points to be there.”

"Firstly we want to market this product as 'make in India' product as this is a proud moment for every citizen in this country. Second, there is traditional music in the instrument, which we are keen on promoting,” said Siddiqui on the promotional strategies of the instrument.

He further informed that Yamaha Music would go to academy music/ schools to promote music culture, “We have to educate the Indian market towards music.”

In terms of product research of the instrument, Yamaha Music Product Specialist Smita Pawar gave us some information, “We do Product research in terms of Indian Classical Instruments. It is very obvious that people prefer different music in different parts of the country. The research happens at least one year before the launch. We do a sampling of instruments for the keyboard because of the voices and styles in the Indian keyboard.”

She further informed that online marketing strategies have quite a lot helped for Yamaha Music in terms of brand building and helped them create awareness about this product.

While the company will have more launches in June, with workshops and training that will educate the audience.