| 31 May 2023
Striking features and Diwali pricing of Acoosta Uno - a unique music system with in-built content

MUMBAI: So, when was the last time we all sat in our drawing room, listening to favourite music with our families? With the advent of digitisation and personal music players, starting with walk-mans, the concept of enjoying music with the families has eroded. Acoosta Uno by Acoosta Innovation through a strategic association with Sony DADC, the world’s leading music content provider, seems to bring back that era. The Acoosta Uno is a revolutionary new-age multi-functional music system with high fidelity acoustics and super curated pre-loaded music- 14,000 plus songs spreading over multiple genres and of 1000 artistes across the world.

The excitement with introduction of every new product is immense and thus, we did a review of this.

Below are some of the striking features of Acoosta Uno, the best parts first/

-  The core functionality of any music system/player is its sound and Acoosta Uno wins you right there-Hands down. The maximum score that can be attained on the volume bar is 30. However, neither does the sound distort nor does it boom. An evidence for the fact, the device is powered with Acoustics 2000 Watts PMPO. The quality is unbelievable too. If the song has bass, treble or any finer nuances-the device transmits it as it is.

-  The device is compact and ideal for camping or family picnics and sound of this music system is good enough to hold an audience of not less than 100 people.

- The system is Karaoke enabled that can help one to unleash the inner Rockstar.

- The provision to record scratches is another major feature, which will be most loved by professionals.

- The range of artistes varies from Michael Jackson, Coldplay to Bhimsen Joshi to Bollywood songs to devotional to even nursery rhymes and stories.

- The option to store playlists is another important aspect.

- The interface is extremely simple and remote controlled. It is simple enough to be used by an old person to the new tech-savvy new generation.

- Acoosta Uno has seamless connectivity. Therefore, in case one doesn’t want to hear the pre-loaded tracks, one can connect the device with Bluetooth, AUX, USB and also has the FM feature pre-set to six radio channels.

These features give an immersive and uninterrupted music listening experience and enables consumers to record their own musical creations on the go. Their association with Sony DADC gives them an access to iconic content by some legendary creators. The expanse of genres covers devotional to Bollywood to Blues to Jazz, therefore, making itself an apt choice for all generations. Also, the fact the product is peerless currently, gives it an edge. The closest competition to Acoosta Uno is Sa Re Ga Ma Carvan, which has limited audience of the yesteryear generation, as it only has Hindi Film classics. Also, the design and look of the product is sleek.

Glitches if any are minor and can be overlooked, as they do not hinder the device’s main functionality. One of the glitches is the selection of the content. As the segment Old Filmy Gaane have songs belonging to the 80’s era earliest up to early 2000’s. However, since the device has connectivity with external devices too, this should not be a problem. Also, the battery is reverse chargeable. Therefore, connection with an external device will charge it in return. Another shortcoming is the lack of visuals and voice command. One does miss that there are no visuals or even screen saver sort of feature. In an era, where the generation is used to Siri, absence of Voice Command could be felt. However, as aforementioned, the core functionality of the device is intact with or without these features.

Priced at 11,999 with a Karaoke mic worth 1,299 free during this festival period for Diwali, this product is available at all major electronics retailers like Vijay Sales, Chroma, Girjas in South, Reliance Digital, Bajaj Electricals. However, as of now, the physical purchase is possible in Mumbai, Bengluru and Hyderabad and limited sale in Ahmadabad. The product is available on e-shopping sites and can be delivered to any pincode.

More so, the lineage that this product is created by, is a value ad. Neeraj Sethi, Co-Founder of Acoosta Innovations, is a pioneer in revolutionary technology and has worked with tech giants like Samsung and Philips. His expertise and experience in the research and development for Acoosta Uno, which was carried on for 18 months, is evident.