| 01 Jun 2023
World Music Day: Music Lovers must check out these kick-ass gadgets from Sennheiser

MUMBAI: As World Music Day makes it grand entry, today, the world is immersed in the essence of music. Music is something that is loved and enjoyed by one and all. Since time immemorial, music has known to not just surpass barriers of language and culture but is also known to be soul-stirring. It strikes a chord directly with our emotions and energizes us like no other. Every year, World Music Day is celebrated to not just remember the evergreen magic of music, but also to promote peace and spread goodwill through music.

So, on the occasion of World Music Day, we bring you some kick-ass gadgets from Sennheiser that will enhance your music experience. Soothing to one's mood, the company provides a gadget for every mood from workout sessions to businessmen and those travellers etc.

Like Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain.” So, check out the gadgets below and enjoy music all day, every day.

1. For the Athlete Music Lover:

If you are an athlete and love your daily dose of workout/sports, then this World Music Day, there cannot be a better way to enhance your music experience than with the Sennheiser wireless CX SPORT in-ear Bluetooth headphones. The CX SPORT is designed in a way to keep the earbuds comfortably secure, no matter how intense one’s exercise routine might be. The headphones can either be worn around the neck or in front, with a cable organizer that adjusts the cable length and an optional clip that can be used to fix the CX SPORT on the workout shirt. With a choice of three fin sizes and a selection of four sizes of ear adapters, it is easy to find a perfect fit that blocks outside noise, which will help you block out all the distractions and stress from your hectic day and focus entirely on yourself.

Price: INR 9,990/-

2. For the Introvert Music Lover:

If you are a person, who enjoys your personal space and love listening to music in your alone time, then the HD 4.50 BTNC Noise Cancellation headphones are the perfect pick for you, this World Music Day. Not only will it enhance your music experience and make your personal time even better, it will help you block out all the external noise and conversations you do not wish to indulge in! Versatile and vibrant, the new HD 4 series comprises the complete Sennheiser quality package in a range of durable, closed-back, over-ear headsets that redefine the quality of sound. It is crafted in an elegantly minimal yet robust design and is made from the highest-quality materials. This World Music Day, you can now take your music anywhere, because, with Sennheiser’s NoiseGard™ active noise cancellation, you can enjoy your music in peace even if you’re sitting in a noisy café or a loud party.

Prince: INR 14,990/-

3. For the Always-on-the-Go Music Lover:

This Music Day, find a way to enhance your music experience with something that complements your personality, something that symbolizes bold, beauty, class and perfection, all in one. The Sennheiser PCX 550 is the ideal choice, in that regard. A smart travel companion, these new headphones are designed for the discerning business traveller. If you love to travel or your work makes you move around a lot, the PXC 550 is a great bet as it delivers a long-haul performance for travellers seeking the ultimate experience. It delivers Sennheiser’s renowned high-quality sound and up to 30 hours of battery performance in a sleek wireless headphone. They can automatically pause music and calls when the headphones are taken off. Living up to the expectations and requirements of business travellers and ensuring a worthwhile experience, the PXC 550 Wireless headphones anticipate the user’s every need, letting them travel in supreme wireless comfort and free from distractions.

Price: INR 29,990/-

4. For the Aspiring Musician:

If music is your passion and means more to you than enjoyment, then this World Music Day, get yourself something that will help you in turning your musical dreams into a reality. One of the most affordable microphones from the German audio giant, the Sennheiser wired XS 1 dynamic microphone is the best bet. This rugged, entry-level mic brings Sennheiser quality to applications ranging from solo vocals to choir miking and speech. The cardioid XS 1 offers well-defined sound with an excellent presence in the mix. Enabling the aspiring musician in you to achieve the best, it is fitted with a lockable Mute switch and comes complete with a stand mount and leatherette pouch.

Price: INR 2499/-

5. For the Pro Musician:

The significance of World Music Day is probably best understood by the artists and musicians for whom music is their life. This World Music Day, here’s something for all the pro musicians which is the best in the industry, to help them in creating the best of music for everyone else. Evolving with your passion and needs, Sennheiser’s evolution wireless portable systems have been an industry standard wireless solution for media, content creators as well as small and medium-sized broadcasters worldwide. Crafted with features and components to deliver the best experience for professionals, the Wireless G4 can be your idol choice.

Price: Starting at INR 52,900/-