| 03 Jun 2023
IRAA Award Director 2018 announced; Jury committee to be announced soon

MUMBAI: The 2018 Indian Recording Arts Academy Awards (IRAA) has constituted a three member committee headed by PALM Expo Founder and Director and IRAA Founder Executive Chairman Anil Chopra.

Soundideaz Academy Founder and Director and IRAA Award Director 2017 Pramod Chandorkar, will continue as Honorary Chairman of the IRAA Award Committee 2018, and Aditya Modi will take on the role of Award Director for 2018.

2006 IRAA winner Aditya Modi himself, graduated with a Recording Arts Degree from Full Sail University, after which he assisted sound engineering veterans Daman Sood and Avinash Oak. He has acquired extensive training in analog recording techniques for large orchestra, as well as singular vocals and has worked with stalwarts of the Indian music industry, including, Jagjit Singh, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Pandit Jasraj to name just a few.

After receiving an offer from the Maestro - AR Rahman, Aditya moved to Chennai and has been working with AR Rahman on his film projects since 2001. Currently, Aditya Modi has his own recording, mastering and mixing facilities in Mumbai (Premier Digital Mastering Studios) and also manages a Pro Audio consultancy and distribution business with offices in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. He has designed, constructed, consulted audio and sound technology for over 250 installations including studios.

The Award Director will oversee the growth of IRAA Awards. His vision will translate to increased entries and selection of the best music and recording from studios all over the country. The Award Director duties include evaluation and judging process, ensuring that all entries received are reviewed and judged fairly.

“As Award Director of IRAA 2017 it was a privilege to judge the large body of recordings with the esteemed Jury from India’s leading sound engineers. The award ceremony at the PALM expo was indeed an emotional moment, celebrating the winners from among competing entries. My work for IRAA has been very satisfying. This award platform requires yet tremendous dedication and participation from the entire fraternity of sound engineers in India. I am honoured to continue as Honorary Chairman of IRAA 2018 and I’m more than glad in Aditya Modi being the Award Director for IRAA 2018,” said Pramod Chandorkar.

The IRAA Awards which recognizes work of distinction and exceptional achievements in the field of Sound Recording has achieved critical attention from Indian recording engineers aspiring for recognition in their technical art. In its 12th consecutive year IRAA will continue to applaud those who exhibit the courage and creativity to bring about a transformation in the world of sound recording Chairman Anil Chopra welcomed Aditya Modi as Award Director setting the tone of IRAA 2018, Anil Chopra says, “Bahubali has uplifted the paradigm of Indian cinema to global standards of creative excellence.”

“ IRAA awarded Background Score of the year to Bahubali. I mention this to attract attention to IRAA’s spirit in recognising excellence in sound recording thereby uplifting standards of excellence in sound recording in India. This is the motivation which drives IRAA each year to discover the best work and discover the studio and talent which drives India’s experience in sound engineering technique and creative sound recording. IRAA recording categories and genre of music each year represent trends in music production, adds Anil Chopra.

Anil Chopra says, “Sound recording fraternity from across India recognise the sincere endeavour of IRAA to award great recordings whether emanating from Chennai or Delhi or Mumbai, whether Bollywood or regional cinema. We cherish this recognition and in turn award the best work in India. The commendable Jury spent many hours of hard study despite being pressed for time, as the Jury itself comprises successful professionals who contribute selflessly, as they too believe sound recording is an art. The entire IRAA team, work to one purpose. I welcome Aditya Modi as Award Director of IRAA 2018 and the Jury to successfully launch the 12th edition.”

Commenting on his appointment, IRAA Award Director 2018 Aditya Modi said, “I’m honoured to take the mantle of Award Director of IRAA from Pramod. I’ve been watching IRAA since now almost for a decade. I’ve also been an IRAA winner. I must state that IRAA 2017 process of identifying winners and the meticulous detail by Pramod and the Jury was exemplary. Pramod has indeed lifted the credibility of IRAA. It makes my task as an Award Director much simpler, as well as much more challenging to meet these standards. I look forward to IRAA 2018 with tremendous enthusiasm and hope to bring the best work to light for categories that shall be meaningful for India’s sound recording fraternity.”

Don’t wait for 2018 to send in your nominations. Entries for the 2018 awards have already started coming in on the IRAA website. The sound recording fraternity can send in nominations for soundtracks and albums released between 1 January and 31 December 2017. The winners will be announced at the IRAA award ceremony which will take place at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai on 2 June 2018, 4 pm onwards.

PALM expo 2018 Project Head – Features Marketing Smita Rai is managing the coordination of IRAA 2018 between the Chairman, Director and jury and overseeing the entry and nomination process and production of the award ceremony.