| 16 Aug 2022
World Culture Festival ready to enthrall on Day 2

MUMBAI: The Art of Living's World Culture fest began with a hiccup on Friday evening as rain bombarded Delhi streets. The gigantic event got off the ground however with exceptional pomp and show in the presence of thousands of people and prime minister Narendra Modi.

Even bigger numbers are expected to attend the event on Saturday andSunday.

PM Modi congratulated Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the victorious outcome of the event through his tweet.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar also showed up his tweets today.

Like yesterday, the show will see some major performances today as well.

Sat 12 March 2016 (Day 2)

· Interfaith Meet- a confluence of spiritual and religious leaders from across the globe

· Vedic chants by 1000 Veda Pandits

· Guru Puja chanting by 15000 Art of Living volunteers, an ancient Indian prayer honoring wisdom from all traditions

· The Art of Living Grand Symphony of 8500 musicians will play 40 different instruments

· 40 musicians will play the Nadaswaram, the world’s loudest non-brass acoustic instrument

· Odissi Ensemble of 1000 artists will perform classical dance from Odisha, India

· Latin fire for peace, 500 performers bring the rhythm and music of Latin America

· Panthi folk dance of 1000 artists from Chattisgarh, the devotional acoustic dance to songs conveying the spirit of renunciation

· Filipino dance by 200 dancers from Philippines will perform their traditional dance

· Maruni dance, 200 dancers will perform the oldest and most popular dance form from Sikkim, India

· Russia dance of 100 artists from Russia will present the beautiful dance to the traditional folk songs

· Kathi folk dance of 500 artists from Madhya Pradesh, the powerful form of folk theatre, potraying worship of the Mother Divine

· Haryanavi dance, 1000 dancers from Haryana, India will perform the traditional folk dance of the state

· Belarussian dance by 50 artists from Belarus will perform the folk dance

· Dhangari dhol performance of 1000 drummers from the culturally rich state of Maharashtra, will enthrall the audience with a power-packed performance

· Glow of Earth, a group of 50 dancers from Taiwan will present a contemporary dance

· Showcase of Alpine Horns performance of the Swiss Alpine Horns, a traditional instrument from Switzerland

· 200 artists will put together an enchanting performance combining dance forms from the Middle Eastern countries

· A vocal rendition in Chinese by 1000 singers

· 50 artists will perform the folk dance of Hungary

· Punjabi Bhangra, 1000 energetic dancers will perform this popular folk dance from Punjab, the colourful North Indian state

· Guided meditation conducted by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar