| 09 Jun 2023
Foo Fighters and Sony join hands to promote Hi-Res Audio

MUMBAI: One of rock music’s iconic bands, Foo Fighters, has collaborated with Sony Corporation in different marketing initiatives to promote the band, along with High-Resolution audio. Hi-Res recordings of the band’s tracks are being leveraged to be promoted in Japan, Canada, US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

The band is known to have been uncompromising when it comes to audio quality of its songs and is also known to showcase high standards in audio technology when on tour, and also at its own studio- 606 Studios. According to a statement, Sony considers Foo Fighters to be an important partner with great potential for conveying the incredible allure and value of Hi-Res to audiences worldwide.

High-Res Audio, which is typically referred to as ‘96kHz/24bit’ or something higher, is made by digitally sampling an original analogue audio source.

Speaking on the collaborative attempt, the band said, “Preserving the human element in the recording of music has been a huge part of Foo Fighters’ mission and our commitment to High Resolution Audio is a major part of this. We have always wanted the flesh and blood and emotion of our songs to get through to every listener and Hi-Res Audio is the best way for our fans to hear the music as we want them to hear it: in its purest quality and truest form.”