| 02 Jun 2023
Steve Aoki and BUQU drop tasty new 'Cake Me' power bank at 2017 CES

MUMBAI: BUQU (pronounced BOO-KOO), a pioneer in fashion forward charging accessories has teamed up with legendary Grammy nominated DJ and producer Steve Aoki to bake up a sweet new cake slice shaped power bank, ‘Cake Me™’ debuting today for the first time at 2017 CES.

“I’m on the go 24/7 and am always charging so it made a ton of sense to team up with BUQU on this project since I was already rocking their chargers,” says Aoki. “I love that I can clip it to my belt loop or backpack so I always have it with me.”

BUQU is also announcing a total of six new power banks.  Each will provide enough power to fully charge most smartphones one time and feature a 2,500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  They all include a clip for attaching to backpacks, purses, handbags, totes, belt loops and gym bags to quickly become conversation pieces.  Each and every BUQU power accessory includes a limited lifetime warranty and is built to last. 

The new line includes:

Steve Aoki’s CAKE ME™ ($24.99): You can have your cake and charge it too with this Steve Aoki designed cake slice power bank for the ultimate smartphone sugar rush (ships February 2017)

GHOST™ ($19.99 USD): This little glow-in-the-dark ghoul will provide enough scare to bring your phone back from the dead (ships February 2017)

POWER POOF™ ($19.99 USD):  These faux fur pom-poms make for the perfect purse charm – offering a stylish new approach to powering smartphones while on the go.  Available in plum and black (ships February 2017)

CHILL™ ($19.99 USD): Chill out with this penguin power bank for the perfect blend of cute and cool (ships February 2017)

POPS™ ($19.99 USD): This creamsicle inspired power bank is  a fun summer treat for your smartphone (begins shipping mid-March 2017)

MELO™ ($19.99 USD): Let your smartphone take a bite of this watermelon power bank to juice up when you’re running low (begins shipping mid-march 2017)

The new line of BUQU power banks, including CAKE ME™ are available now for pre-order at and will begin shipping late February 2017.  POPS™ and MELO™ will begin shipping mid-March 2017. The line will be featured at Tilly’s, Forever 21 and other fine retailers nationwide starting March 2017.