| 20 Apr 2024
Tinder - DJ Chetas' unique forum to engage with fans

MUMBAI: The advantage of utilising social media for free and extensive self-promotion has worked in the favour of musicians and artists. And apart from the usual Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest apps that act as catalyst to any art’s outreach. Adding to the list of channels to promote, celebrities and popular figures have found another interesting way to reach out to fans - Tinder. The ‘dating app’ outgrew itself as the ‘dating only’ app and one of the top DJs in the world - DJ Chetas - explained the reasons for his existence on Forbes’ “hottest app” that, as found out, also includes several other musicians including the first winner of Indian Idol - Abhijeet Sawant on its roster.

You are among the top 100 DJs in the world. Why would you need a social dating app?

I wanted a direct mode of communication to converse with my fans who genuinely want to speak with me. I want to use Tinder as a medium to even test run some of my new music.  I'm going to be sending over a lot of unreleased music to fans for their opinion so that I know what people best expect of me.

Why is it important for a musician to use a dating app today?

I think it’s a great way to connect with enthusiasts and understand the pulse of what makes them click. I'm continuously gigging in different cities, it’ll be good to know first-hand what the crowd there likes in terms of music, which is the current trending track in the city so that I can work my set accordingly!

Do you use Tinder on your international tours too? How effective has it been?

I am still very new to Tinder – I joined the app after I heard some great stories from my friend who has met some great people and had some amazing conversations. I’m still getting used to it, honestly!

When you find a match, do you meet them or just socialise on the app?

I am performing at Tinder’s new initiative Off Campus in New Delhi this weekend and the response to the gig has been just mind-blowing. I am inviting some of my matches to the gig then.

Have you come across any other artist - Indian or international - on Tinder?

Well, I’m still quite new on Tinder, and still connecting with a lot of music enthusiasts. I have come across a few amateur singers who’ve done some great covers.

What other social apps do you suggest and use?

I love Instagram and Snapchat!

What qualities in a woman’s profile manage to catch your attention?

Well, I’m married, so I’m primarily on Tinder to engage with my fans. I'd look for interests, if they like certain common things then I’ll possibly swipe right.  If they’ve liked DJ Chetas' page on Facebook then it’s a definite RIGHT! Other interest which might attract me would be a good movie I enjoy, a singer whom I like, Cricket or a quirky quote with something to do with music in the description.