| 17 Jul 2024
Dualist Inquiry reveals collaborators for his most elaborate project yet

MUMBAI: On his social media page, producer/songwriter Dualist Inquiry has revealed further details of his highly anticipated upcoming album, slated to release on 12 September 2016. The musician, whose real name is Sahej Bakshi, is currently working on the new album and has informed fans that the effort would involve at least three collaborations – a first for the Delhi-based rock and electronica act.

The album, as yet untitled, acts as the follow up to the 2013-release ‘Doppleganger’. The collaborators, according to the producer, include Chennai-based act ‘The F16s’ (who recently released debut album ‘Triggerpunkte’), Kavya Trehan (Delhi-based Mosko’s vocalist) and Sohrab Nicholson (of ‘Nicholson’). With 12 tracks in the album, Dualist Inquiry’s upcoming release will be his most elaborate, extensive and sonically-diverse work executed till date.

The composer provided details of the album – “Pretty much, this would be the first time I would be collaborating with singers. However, the solo effort ‘Sleepwalker’ would be the first composition to be released.”

Vocals to the four compositions, apart from the usual sampling business, will define the musician’s ability to experiment and evolve through this album, and while Dualist Inquiry has earlier collaborated with instrumentalists and DJs, the latest effort would steer his music journey into a new direction as well as sound.

The collaboration with The F16s is titled ‘Trainwreck’ and the producer adds, “I love The F16s. They are one of my favourite bands around. We recorded the song in my studio after one after-party in Delhi. It’s gonna be dope.” The second collaborator – Kavya Trehan – features on two tracks, titled ‘Opaque’ and ‘Zero Hour’. Dualist Inquiry had performed live with Kavya Trehan at Levi’s 143rd birthday celebration gig at the Mehboob Studio, Mumbai and, surely, rates the singer highly. Sohrab Nicholson, Bakshi revealed, becomes the third collaborator for the album for an untitled track.

Dualist Inquiry will perform with these collaborators (and more) for his upcoming gig at the NCPA, Mumbai on 27 August 2016. The electronic frontman will also be performing at the Shillong and Hyderabad editions of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2016.

The track-list includes:
Trainwreck (ft. The F16s)
Opaque (ft. Kavya Trehan)
Zero Hour (ft. Kavya Trehan)
'untitled' (ft. Nicholson)