| 29 Nov 2021
Kapil Srivastava to commence music therapy and music yoga for NGO SAF

Kapil Srivastava, founder of India’s largest chain of Guitar Academies – guitarmonk, has been nominated yesterday as chairman of the National Committee (Arts, Music & Culture) for Social Action Foundation which is a leading government associate for Skill, Health & Empowerment.

The Delhi-based NGO SAF represents free dedicated health labs, libraries, institutes in membership with leading universities, colleges, hospitals, government, investors and professionals.

"It’s a matter of both pride and responsibility at the same time to lead on this department. With one another feather in my cap, I am leading on new initiatives on women skill development in diversified arts domains, innovating new infrastructure models, economic platforms and partnership initiatives”, Srivastava said.

Apart from other activities, SAF will introduce new music initiatives under the SAF- Guitarmonk brand wherein various programmes such as music therapy, music yoga, meditation and workshops will also be part of hospitals and reach unprivileged sections.

"Some of these activities have already been started under ‘Music for Poor’ initiatives", Srivastava added.

Srivastava is also the leading guitarist of India, winner of state and many awards, author of six Guitar books and has contributed music to the Bollywood Movie – 'Dubai Returns' starring Irrfan Khan.