| 05 Dec 2023
Tarsame Mittal: Talent Management agencies have become more transparent

MUMBAI: TM Talent Management is a two and a half year old artiste management company, which is currently managing live acts for 17 artistes including stalwarts like Rekha Bhardwaj, Hariharan, Arijit Singh and Agnee among others. In a candid conversation with's Dhairya Ingle, founder of TM Talent Management, Tarsame Mittal, talks about the key to success.

17 artistes in two and a half years. What was your mindset when you approached an artiste?

As an artiste management company, we might not be doing great for each and every artiste. The people we work with are aware of our transparent policies. The first thing we did was investing in online software, for which the artiste was kept in the loop about all the deals happening on his or her behalf. There may have been times when an artiste has felt that we committed a blunder, but they can never say that they were not aware of the deal that happened, or about hidden information. Also as an organisation, everyone is aware of the deals that happen, so there is no confusion. Secondly for us, a few good decisions made by us for artistes like Arijit Singh worked and the best part was that even people acknowledged it. So transparency and a few good decisions worked for us.

What are the trends that you have observed when it comes to artiste management?

In the last two to three years the concept of a business manager or an official management has now come in. Earlier one single person would take care of the finances, live events, bookings, reservations etc. Now things are maturing as everyone in the business has understood different roles in an artistes' life. A lot of organised people have come in. Earlier, it was tough for an artiste to trust a manager, but now with transparent policies of management firms, things are getting easier. We also follow the same policy clarity.

What is one thing that makes you sign an artiste?

Generally as an artiste manager, when you start a company you do not have much of a choice for signing an artiste. When I started this company, my first intention was to prove that the system I wish to operate in is correct for the artiste. It is easier for an upcoming artiste as for them it is just about doing more live shows. But for stalwarts like Hariharan and Rekha Bharadwaj, it was a task for us to change their mindset. Today after proving ourselves successful in the business, we are in a position to select artistes. I was extremely fortunate that the artistes we signed hailed from different genres and not just Bollywood. We wish to sign artistes who are honest with their work and have positive attitudes.

Is it difficult to get shows for bands like Agnee or an independent artiste as compared to getting an act for Arijit Singh or another Bollywood artiste?

It is not at all difficult, but it is interesting. Agnee is one of those bands that is extremely organised right from their mails to music, behavior during concerts to light arrangements. Working with them was a new experience for me as they knew what they wanted, so it was not that difficult. Even in case of someone like Harish Moyal, who had participated in ‘Indian Idol', it was really not difficult. The only thing that we need to do is, upgrade his act, while escalating his fees.

What is currently the role of an artiste manager for an artiste?


I would say he/she could play a role of a driver, booking agent, laundry boy, friend, companion and whatever name you can think of. However professional it gets, at the end of the day you are managing a human being. So professionally the responsibility of a manager could be to take care of one particular aspect. Some managers look after the bookings of an artiste, others could look after live shows, some of them look after live shows, digital, PR and everything else. But at the end the trust between an artiste and the manager is and will always be important. You might handle the artiste for 20 years, but if you do not connect well the artiste, things can never work. Currently we handle live shows for the artistes and even do the required public relations. For a few artistes, we handle social networking and recording. Since you are into this business, you know a lot of people, so there are times that we recommend a few names to producers. But that happens sometimes, not regularly.

Do you zero down on the look of the artistes when he/she is performing?

I will not say we zero down on the look I would rather put it as we have a say. Right from designing his/her mailer to communication to other technical details, look of the band, everything is discussed mutually. Every artiste has a different set of priority for someone it could be money, for another artiste it could be the set up.

Any specific strategies for the upcoming year?

No specific strategies. We wish to establish the fact that TM Talent management is a very clean, transparent and business driven company. We intend to take the business ahead in an organised format. We will look at expanding our business by adding distribution, publishing and PR. The plan is to establish the company as a 360 degree solution for any musician who might be successful or who is just starting a career in the industry.

Any artistes that you intend to sign in 2015?

I want to sign artistes, who are sincere about their work, believe in their job and who trust us. The number could vary from five to fifty.