| 26 Nov 2022
Rajeeta Hemwani - Our main aim is to build an interface between artistes and music labels

After testing the waters at varied music labels for 16 long years, Rajeeta Hemwani has started her own innovative venture for aspiring musicians.

Named Monks of Music, the company will be headed by Hemwani, who put in her papers at Big Music as content head, Artiste and Repertoire, a few days ago.

In an exclusive interview with's Riya V Anandwala, she talks about hernewly setup company, plans ahead and much more...


Tell us in a nutshell about Monks of Music?

Monks of Music plans to take the independent smaller labels global by licensing their new sounds to labels abroad, and could become a one stop shop for innovative film producers and production houses to choose the soundtracks for their respective movies from hundreds of songs available with the company. This would be a first time ever venture and I see a great potential here.

Is it a stand alone venture or in partnership?

As of now, it is a stand alone venture. However, a lot of people have shown interest in my venture.

What kind of business model have you worked around?

Our main aim is to build an interface between artistes and music labels both nationally and internationally. The idea is to build a network and get recognition worldwide.

Can we call it artiste management?

Well, artiste management is a gray term. In that, an artiste will have to go through the label whichever project he will be undertaking. Monks of Music will keep this conditional. We will see the artiste and then decide out way of working. The new talent will have to pay certain amount of fees for enrolling in or may be we will take some percentage of their profit share.

Will MOM do the audio-visual packaging for the artistes as well?

Since it is an initial phase I ought to prioritise my point of action. Hence I will first focus on the mainstream area followed by the rest.

Are you getting anyone on board to help you for content selection?

I will be selecting talent and taking it forward. Moving ahead, someone or the other will step in to handle that bit.