| 20 Aug 2022
Copyright is for Bollywood and not for Independent music industry: Durga Jasraj

MUMBAI: Multi-media music production company- Art and Artistes (AAA) has come a long way since its establishment in 1999. As it completes 15 years this July, it has a vision and business model for the next ten years. The company has two main faces today; one is the founder and director of AAA- Durga Jasraj who is the heart of the company, and the other is director (investor) Neeraj Jaitly who is the brain of the company and has expanded its operational scope.

Jasraj said, "With an aim to grow stronger, we are looking at more investors and some of them have shown great interest. Our business plan and vision for next ten years are planned. Having documentation is one thing and evolving in the space is another thing. We are in serious dialogues with prospective investors." Currently, Jaitly is the investor of AAA. He has an experience of ten years as a management consultant across varied sectors- media and entertainment, core infrastructure, e-governance, banking and financial services, manufacturing and electronics retail.

AAA is planning to expand their reach outside India. "We are looking at having our own operation in Dubai and Singapore and we are hoping to achieve that by April 2015 or much before that," informed Jasraj.

The company is working on three-four new projects which will be revealed over time. They are planning cross country events. Renowned IPs created by the company includes Jalsa, Tiranga, Panchtatva, Indian Music Academy, IMA Annual Excellence Awards, Golden Voice Golden Years, Jai Hind, and others.

Jasraj takes pride in the fact that projects developed by AAA are not replicated from the West. She stated, "The projects that we conceive is not particularly inspired from the west, they are original and we take pride in being Indian and that is the core. If you are happy under your own skin you will have your own identity."

Jasraj who stuck with Indian music, which according to her is not just limited to Bollywood music, provided her view about the Copyright Act in India. "The right that is spoken about today is created for Bollywood. Film is a different project as there is a director or producer playing a role there, and musicians and music directors are actually following their vision. Bollywood does not make up the complete music industry, as there are other independent forms of music like classical and traditional. For instance, two vocalists might sing the same track differently. So time will tell how much of these matters will be considered in the legal process. I hope sensible implementation comes into place," said Jasraj.

She further stressed, "People can go out and talk about rights for big artistes, but who will talk about people who are chorus singers. It is not justified. When you talk about Copyright it should be for everyone. I am yet to see how Bollywood music, which is created for the film, can be taken in the same spirit of the independent music producers."