| 28 Nov 2021
All That Matters 2015 ends with artist and Asian market as Emma Banks talks about her work

SINGAPORE: Even though Emma Banks, a Creative Artist Agency (CAA) music agent and a top female executive, has worked with over 100 concert promoters in Asia, she still feels there is long way to go. During the session 'Business Rockstars: Emma Banks, Music Agent, CAA with Ralph Simon', she spoke about the artists under CAA that she closely worked with, and the response of fans in regions where those artistes toured.

Banks has worked with artistes from the likes of Katy Perry to Slipknot. Perry had recently been in Asia for her Prismatic Tour, managing to sell tickets worth 20 million dollars in ten days, stated Banks. She talked about Perry, and her specially designed horse that has been touring across the world with the pop superstar. Banks said that Perry is a creative person and the team behind her supports that creativity. The horse used during her tour is part of Perry’s creativity to make every live act special. Perry's first six songs are spectacular, said Banks (during her gigs). The huge response she gets around the globe comes from the fact that Perry is very hard-working Banks added. She also revealed that the ‘Firework’ singer is working on an album for two years now, which is difficult to complete because of her tours.

She also talked about other artists like New Zealand born Lorde, who like Perry started her music career at a young age. However, Lorde’s success while she was still very young, which is why the company works very carefully with her. Banks clarified, "My company and I do not want to be a catalyst for artists to end up in rehab, by booking tours without a break.” She also revealed that 'Royals' singer has established herself in major markets, and she will now incorporate that in various new markets.

French DJ/ producer- David Guetta was among CAA's first EDM acts to have been signed. Since then, the company has signed a number of DJs, along with hiring 12 booking agents in the dance music space. Banks also revealed that DJs like Guetta can make $30-40 million for a two hour set. She added that Guetta is very cautious about balancing his pop and DJ look, which differentiates him from other dance music artistes.

Banks was also questioned on her work with 'The Lazy Song' singer- Bruno Mars. To that she said that Mars and Perry are full of ideas and both are hard working artistes. It is huge for Mars and his band to groove during live shows as it does not come naturally said Banks. Florence and the Machine is another act that is ever growing, stated Banks. She said the group has all kind of people, which along with Florence’s incredible voice works their magic. Banks added that Florence as an artist takes chances, which makes her learn, improve and help her in the future.

Banks has also been actively involved with boy bands like One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer. She revealed that One Direction has engaged a great deal with 5SOS, advising them on creative work and other activities.

Yet another popular band- Red Hot Chili Peppers, which has been associated with Banks for ages now, is keen to play in countries where they have not performed yet. Banks revealed, “The band wants to play in South Africa, East European and more in Asian market.”  

Talking about bringing some of the other artists to the Asian market, Bands revealed that American singer/ songwriter Norah Jones’ music works very well in Japan, and that there is constant enquiry for her there. "Her music has touched people’s hearts there," she added.
American heavy metal band Slipknot is also trying to enter the Asian market, and Banks has been trying her best to bring the act to Asia.

Banks who not only handles upcoming acts, but also popular established ones like Kraftwork, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kylie Minogue, was one of the audience pullers during the conference. Her session was designed in her way, where she revealed that bringing more of her artistes to Asia will continue to be her plan. She is also very optimistic about the market.