| 15 Jun 2024
Mumbai based Post Office creates Jason Derulo's 'Goodbye' lyrical video for Warner Bros. Records

MUMBAI: Post Office, in association with Warner Bros. Records, recently released the official lyrical video for the song, Goodbye by Jason Derulo. The track enlists a number of artists, with Jason Derulo being accompanied by David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Willy William. The video has already been viewed over two million times, and has generated a buzz with a global audience. 

Post Office is a post-production and new media technology studio based in Mumbai. The team is a collective of animators, designers and visual effects artists that create high end moving image content that has worked with brands such as Warner Bros. Records, Red Bull, Nike, Google and YouTube. 

In the past, Post Office has also worked on creating creative lyric videos for Dua Lipa’s, New Rules, which has garnered more than three million views till date, Adam Lambert's Two Fux and Nike's Da Da Ding

 Click here to watch the video:

 Speaking about the song, Post Office Director Aditya Tawde says, “The idea behind this lyrical video was to show the Trinidadian carnival culture mixed with the Tropical Ibiza vibe to create a celebratory environment for the viewer. The moment we got this brief and heard the song, we immediately thought of the vibrant celebration and festive mood.”

“Visually the goal was to make this film look colourful and capture the grand moments of the Trinidadian festivals amalgamated with Ibiza party life. The biggest challenge was to make the lyrics more legible with overpowering background visuals, which eventually we had to dim down. What really makes this video amazing is to see the visuals coming alive which go along with the melody of the song,” he adds. 

To this, Post Office Executive Producer Mohit Bhasin adds, “It's always interesting to work with Warner Bros. Records and as a brand, they have a very clear idea of what will work for their audiences. Once we locked on the visual style, it was sheer madness trying to put the whole film together for the release of the track. The end product looks good, WBR was quite pl3eased with the film too, and that pretty much is the definition of a 'project well done' for us.”