| 26 Nov 2022
95 Mirchi aims at reducing the noise levels on the roads of Bengaluru with #95KmsDontDabao Challenge

MUMBAI: Mirchi, India’s No. 1 city-centric music and entertainment company, has always focused on driving initiatives to benefit society at large in its unique style. This Dussehra, Mirchi 95 has launched its campaign DuSSSHHehra, to reduce noise pollution in Bangalore. In line with the campaign, Mirchi RJs promoted the ‘no honking’ message and spread awareness among the citizens about conscious honking in the streets of Bangalore. The RJs also challenge the public to drive 95 kilometers without honking.

To kick off this campaign, Mirchi RJs Jimmy, Sarah, and Ridhi, along with other members of Mirchi’s team along with volunteers, held placards with the message ‘no honking’ near Gopal Gowda Circle, Vidhan Soudha. During the next few days, RJs spoke to people who honked unnecessarily on the roads and made them sign a pledge to refrain from unnecessary honking. Additionally, team Mirchi also introduced a challenge - #95KMDONTDABAO - in which participants were required to drive for up to 95 kilometers without honking. If for any reason, the driver honks, they reset the odometer back to zero and restart the challenge. Many participated in this challenge and some people managed to drive without honking for 95KM. Many dignitaries and governmental organizations, including the traffic police of Bangalore, supported Mirchi’s initiative by taking the pledge against unnecessary honking and encouraged citizens to do the same. The Kannada movie artists Rishab Shetty and Sapthami Gowda supported the campaign by taking the pledge not to honk

Dr. B.R. Ravikanthe Gowda, Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Bengaluru City, said, "Honking is an act of violence and we all must stop it. Mirchi team is doing an incredible job for the benefit of others"

Actor Rishab Shetty, said, "It is such a great activity and Mirchi is doing a good job by telling people not to honk.”

Commenting on this initiative, M. N Hussain, Business Director, Mirchi (APT, KAR), said, “Mirchi has always believed in driving and executing social initiatives in a manner that engages and creates awareness among its listeners. In line with this, we recently launched one of our most innovative campaigns ‘DuSSSHHHehra’, to reduce noise pollution and create awareness among people. For this campaign, Mirchi adopted a holistic approach by executing on-ground activities like visiting major spots in the city to spread the ‘no honking’ message as well as digital amplifications of the same. We are delighted to witness a positive response for this campaign, and we hope to work on more such initiatives that help us in demolish the social and/or environmental evils.”

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