| 04 Feb 2023
Irked by false accounts and sites, Prasar Bharati issues list of official social networking handles

NEW DELHI: With people becoming active on social media, all kinds of websites or blog sites are being created. Very often people create fake accounts.

While film stars have had to deal with this menace for quite some time, Prasar Bharati has now taken umbrage at the large number of websites or blogsites being run in the name of All India Radio or Doordarshan.

So even as it admits social media has proved to be of immense importance in staying connected with national and international audiences, the Public Service Broadcaster has issued a list of the sites or social networking handles that it controls.

This has been done, Prasar Bharati officials said, because of the manner in which the open platform is being misused by some miscreants as they create fake accounts and issue information in the name of the pubcaster.

However, the pubcaster said this is the first list and it would be issuing further details concerning local stations soon.

Twitter Handle for PrasarBharati For Twitter

Social Media links for DD/DD News are as follows:

I. Twitter Handles for Doordarshan and its various channels

1. DD National (Handle: @DDNational)

2. DD News (Handle: @DDNewsLive)

3. DD News Hindi (Handle: @DDNewsHindi)

4. DD Bharati (Handle: DD_Bharati)

5. DD Sports (Handle: @ddsportsindia)

6. DD Newsnight ( Handle: @DDNewsNight)

7. DD Urdu ( Handle: @DDUrduChannel)

II. Facebook Accounts of Doordarshan

1. DD Bharati

2. DD National

3. Doordarshan Urdu

III. Social media links for Akashvani and AIR News are as follows:

1. for Facebook

2. for YouTube

3. (@AkashvaniAIR) for TWITTER

4. for BLOG

5. for Facebook

6. (@airnewsalerts) for Twitter

The sources said with the help of our social media accounts; the Public Service Broadcaster has been able to garner both positive and negative feedback. "We are grateful to our followers for leaving comments and posts on our official Facebook pages and Twitter handles. Wherein, positive responses have provided us encouragement, drive and energy for better performances, the negative ones have immensely helped us in identifying our shortcomings and mistakes, thus enabling timely corrective action. We welcome more such responses and assureall of our best services always and wishing for continued patronage from one and all."