| 23 Mar 2023
Ficci Frames 2016 Special: Mukesh Ambani predicts mega trends for media

MUMBAI: Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani outlined five mega trends he sees unfolding in the Indian media space in the coming days, during his address at the first day of the Ficci Frames convention.

Ambani, guest of honour at Ficci Frames 2016, said that 'orality to visuality' would be the first trend will govern media in the coming days. "Videos are intuitive, easy to understand and they are likely to replace the spoken and the written word," Ambani said. Images will rule and video will be the new voice of the network industry, he opined. Alluding to the impending launch of Reliance Jio broadband, he said the services would be made available as affordable video network in the remotest of villages across the country.

Digital to soar

The second trend Ambani sees taking off is the scoring of digital over analog. "Digital technology is exponential, while analog growth has always been linear," he pointed out. In the coming days, those who embrace the digital change will stand to benefit from large opportunities, he said.

Tele media world

"We are graduating to a tele media world," Ambani told a packed gathering comprising media and entertainment professionals, overseas delegates and government representatives. "We could be seeing a shift from copyrights to user rights," he said, adding that mobile broadband is bringing together separate industries like telecommunications and content creators. "It will be a collaborative world where traffice will be interactive," he prophesied.


Ambani also foresees a paradox of sorts. "Abundance will be a global trend,  but this could also lead to a scarcity of context, happiness and purpose of life," he said, referring to a plentitude of content like music, which will necessitate intelligent analytics of data. "Anyone who can address this link between this abundance and scarcity will be a winner," he said.

Humanity above all

"It is not about technology but about humanity," he said. The last mega trend Ambani touched upon would be the ability to make human life better through technology. It is the human empathisers who will be the final winners, he pointed out. "Technology changes, but humanity evolves," he finished.