| 17 Jun 2024
We are looking at æIndiaÆs Digital SuperstarÆ to be an on-going series: Anupama Mandloi


MUMBAI: FremantleMedia is best known for creating platforms brands like Idols ('American Idol', 'Indian Idol'), Got Talent ('America's Got Talent', 'Britian's Got Talent', 'India's Got Talent') and 'The X Factor', which in turn has resulted in multiple award winning and successful music artistes. Now, venturing into the digital space through 'India's Digital Superstar', the company hopes to enter into a foray less travelled. FremantleMedia India Managing Director Anupama Mandloi spoke to on the first original digital content for the Indian mass by Freemantlemedia and what this means for the company.


Is this an original FremantleMedia format?

Yes, it is. It is FremantleMedia India's first original non-fiction series format. It is an indigenous format which has been done for the first time in India.

Since when has it been in development?

The series has been in gestation for the past eight to ten months. We have been talking about it and figuring out the semantics. Digital is not something that is our core strength. It took us a little time to understand. That is why we have roped in partners like ZengaTV and OneDigital to help us because it is not something that we can confidently speak out on. Digital is not our area of expertise. For us, it is an experiment; an expensive experiment at that. But, it is important that we make a foray into this digital space because it is something that is growing rapidly.

What was the reason behind developing a global music competition series keeping the digital platform on the forefront?

We have been doing talent hunts on television, and have created and developed talent. We have a huge database. We wanted to get into the digital space and had been toying with several ideas. We were not sure what exactly we should do. That is when it made sense to us that since this is what we do so well, why not try and see if we can craft something that fits into a digital platform. We have taken our expertise at honing talent and brought it to this portal. Since it is an indigenous format, it allows us to retain the IP, to monetise the show, build it as an ongoing series for the future, and we retain all the rights.

Will the series be conducted annually?

We are definitely looking at it as an on-going series; which means it will keep coming back in seasons. However, the frequency of the seasons and the duration between each season is yet to be determined. For us, it is very important to see how this one works. We are hoping that it will be successful; and there will be learning for sure.

In addition to showcasing the series on YouTube, will you also be airing it on broadcast channels?

The series will not be aired on any broadcast channels. The show will be available to watch on the show's website, ZengaTV and YouTube.

Will there be an on-ground promotion for the show?

Yes, but not the way it would be for television. There will be print and there will be radio. But, largely the promotion will be on the digital platform.

What is your larger expansion plan in India?

Our larger growth plan is to really look into the fiction space.

After partnering with YouTube and Amazon, what other partnerships are in store?

We have ZengaTV and OneDigital who are helping us design the architecture for the portal. Amazon and Gionee are sponsoring. And we have partnered with YouTube, because there is nothing you can do in the digital space without YouTube. They have been helping and supporting us during this expedition.