| 17 Aug 2022
Suresh Wadkar takes Ajivasan Music Academy online

MUMBAI: Playback singer Suresh Wadkar has announced the online launch of Ajivasan Music Academy to reach out to music aficionados globally.

Ajivasan Music Academy was started in 1932 in Srinagar by Guruji Acharya Jialal Vasant from whom Wadkar learnt classical music. In 1986, a few years after the Academy moved to Mumbai, Wadkar took charge of it.

Now, an online version is being launched on Friday as 15 May marks the birth anniversary of Acharya Jialal.

Wadkar said, "Ajivasan is my Guruji's dream, which we strive constantly to realise. As one of its many ventures, I feel happy to announce the launch of our portal."

"We are also introducing a new technology which will enable us to reach out globally. Interactive teaching with multiple students is one of the exciting tools that this technology should facilitate. Ajivasan looks forward to its legacy of Hindustani Classical Music being accessible globally," he added.

The objective of this new portal is to impart online music education for distance learning, thus making it relevant even for students who cannot be physically present for face-to-face learning in traditional classroom settings.

The Academy provides training in Hindustani Classical Music in vocal, instrumental (tabla, sitar, harmonium, violin), and in Kathak -- its certified courses are in affiliation with the Prayag Sangit Samiti, of Allahabad.

Besides Hindustani classical music, the academy also provides training in Light Music and Western Music courses on keyboard, piano and guitar, among others.