| 29 Sep 2023
MRMC 2014: 2015 will be the year of music says Satya Raghavan

MUMBAI: At the MCNs’ panel, All India Bakchod co-creator Tanmay Bhat along with Qyuki Digital Media Co-Founder & Managing Director Samir Bangara, Ping Network Co-Founder & Director Rajeshree Naik, Digital Quotient (HT Media) Business Head – Entertainment Parmeet Lamba and YouTube India Head of Content Operations Satya Raghavan spoke on the creating online content.

The panelists agreed that internet portals like YouTube are the best way to market fresh new talent in music. However, the question posed was how MCNs would be able to generate revue through those videos. “Advertising is the primary source of revenue,” said Bangara. He further added, “The best means for MCNs for make money through online portals are; brand monetisation, ad monetisation and through syndicated content.”

On the relation between online portals and music, Naik said, “Earlier, if you were a musician, you had to produce music and then make a video, but now, you first make a music video and then release your music.” And in recent times, moderator Co-Founder & CEO Branded Inc. Jasper Donat, noted that cover artistes such as Boyce Avenue have started to collaborate with other YouTube musicians and cover popular songs.

Raghavan further added to this point, saying, “Because of collaborations and covers, covering the latest songs is what gains popularity. Since they are covering a new song, by de fault, the songs get featured on search engines. And along with that, individual artistes garner more eyeballs by featuring on each others’ videos, and in return gain more views.” Bangara also stated that the Internet was being used as a curation tool.

Bhat, who talked of his association with OML said, “Earlier we partnered with OML as producers for our live content. Then, OML became producers of our online content. Now, when we have started to become self-sufficient, OML realised we did not need them in that way and asked us if they could help us in any other way,” said Bhat.
Also at the panel, Raghavan said, “In addition to music videos, comedy videos are also quite popular. But, 2015 is the year of music.”