| 21 Jul 2024
Casio releases iPhone app that allows users to compose Original music and upload it to YouTube

MUMBAI: Casio Computer Co., Ltd., on July 16 announced the Chordana Composer Version 2.0, an iPhone app that enables users to automatically compose a musical piece from a short melody when inspiration hits. The app is available now at the iTunes App Store from July 16. Please check the price at the App Store. Users already in possession of Chordana Composer will receive the update free of charge.

Chordana Composer Version 2.0 now gives users the ability to upload their original musical compositions to YouTube. The number of composing genres has increased from five to nine, and there is a new sol-fa (do, re, me) input mode for those not versed in using a music keyboard. The expanded range of features also includes the ability to convert an original piece to a ringtone (*1) or MIDI data, and then send it by email, as well as enhanced integration with Casio electronic keyboards.

- Even beginners can compose and share original music

Enter an original melody from one to eight measures in length by either whistling or singing the melody, or using sol-fa input. Choose from one of nine available genres and three types of impressions. The app does the rest by automatically composing an original musical piece, complete with intro and ending. The original piece can then be uploaded to YouTube, complete with video notation. Users can also create a ringtone from their original pieces.

In addition to the above-mentioned methods, a melody from one to eight measures in length can be entered by either tapping the on-screen keyboard or positioning notes on the on-screen staff. In Version 2.0, users can select obbligato passages and convert the original song to MIDI data.

Integration with Casio's key lighting keyboards has been enhanced. In addition to lighting up the right-hand melody part, Version 2.0 now lights up the left-hand chord progression on a connected keyboard.