| 25 May 2022
AR Rahman launches NAFS' first video via Qyuki

MUMBAI: Not long ago did maestro AR Rahman announce the launch of his band NAFS. Now Rahman is all set to launch their first video on 14 August, 2015 on the Qyuki platform, which has been founded by Shekhar Kapur, Rahman and Samir Bangara.

The rest of the videos will release in the coming months. The first single to be released has the influences of Acapella and a distinct throbbing vocal rhythm and is India's first vocal band. The video features the band members in a whacky avatar. The band members belong to Rahman's music academy KM Conservatory.

Talking about the name of the band NAFS, Rahman said, “NAFS is a deep and a beautiful word with different meanings. It could be something that is whacky and naughty.”

The concept of the video came to him almost three years ago and it took a little longer to make the announcement as Rahman was juggling with multiple Bollywood projects. “The team kept changing but the ones who had the patience stayed with us,” he further revealed.

Qyuki Digital MD and CEO Samir Bangara added, “We are really pleased to have Rahman on board with such a fabulous project. Hardly does he have the time as he keeps doing too many things at one time. The kind of work he does is just amazing. This music video is a step towards Indian music.”

The video was conceptualised by Arjun Chandy from Rahman's music academy, who had zeroed down on the band members. “We did not want the band to look like the normal bands. We wanted them to look whacky and trendy which is why we came up with something like this. It took me almost a year to train the students to sing in one choir,” he revealed.

The video will be distributed across all social networks including YouTube.