| 18 Jun 2024
Flutin announces Flutin first, its emerging artist incubator

MUMBAI: When you want to empower emerging artists and help them find their fans, it’s not just about building a platform or space. It’s about lifting up and investing in promising talent, one compelling musician at a time. This requires more than boot-camps or pop-up events. Supporting early-stage artists is an investment, one music-obsessed platform know is worth making.

That’s why Flutin is launching Flutin First, a talent incubator to jumpstart the careers of new Hindi and Punjabi-language performers right when they need it most. “We are looking to give a grand launch to the music careers of exciting and talented musicians creating original music,” explains Flutin founder and CEO Vishu Gupta. “By supporting them at a crucial phase of their career, we hope to ensure their future success.”

For this debut round of Flutin First, the music platform is looking for original compositions in Hindi or Punjabi. The six best will win a spot on the Flutin First compilation album. The best will get access to studio recording, music video production, and social media promotion, with Flutin covering all the costs. After the song and its video are ready for the world, they will be available on Flutin and Flutin’s YouTube channel. A large portion of all revenue from the track will go to the artist.

“We founded Flutin with an eye to getting more new artists to more music fans,” explains Gupta. “I’m excited to get to extend that role in supporting emerging artists by giving them what they need most when they are starting out, a helping hand to finance and work on key elements like a polished single, a good video, and a solid social media campaign to get the word out about them.”

Flutin First will be accepting compositions for consideration until February 5, 2020. Artists can submit their work here.