| 17 Jul 2024
Mashgool: presents arabic version of 'Busy Busy'

MUMBAI: After the stupendous success of the Hindi track Busy Busy by Neha Pandey, has launched its Arabic version titled, Mashgool.

Mashgool is composed by Gourov Roshin and the lyrics for the song are written by Maha Altayer. The dance video is produced by Elvis Garagic and directed by Jac Mulder.

Commenting on the launch of Mashgool, singer Neha Pandey said, “Good music has no language and Mashgool my latest offering will just prove that. After the exhilarating feedback, I received for my track Busy Busy I hope that the fans will appreciate this effort and show Mashgool the same love and admiration as they have shown to Busy Busy.”

Speaking about Mashgool, 9X Media creative content and new business senior VP Rajitta Hemwani said, “Music, as we know, has no boundaries and good music can be created in any language.”

“After the success of Busy Busy, we planned to launch the song in other languages. We are sure that Mashgool on will also resonate with music lovers. We want great music to get the platform that it deserves and we will provide music fans with music that they can enjoy without boundaries,” she added.

Watch ‘Mashgool’ here

The original song has garnered over 29 million views on YouTube.

Watch ‘Busy Busy’ here

Mashgool will be promoted across the social media platforms of 9X Media Network.