| 28 Jun 2022
Artist Aloud launches single on elections 2019

MUMBAI: With the election season gearing up, Hungama Artist Aloud has launched a new single titled, Public Sab Janti Hai. The song highlights the ‘divide and rule’ trap of politicians during the elections

The track brings to fore the fact that during elections, most politicians and media houses don’t stop at anything to convert votes in their favour. They try to seduce people, bribe them and most importantly divide them on the basis of religion, caste, geography, culture, social status, skin colour and more.

The song features voices of Ashim Kemson and Kiara Khantwal, music by Ashim Kemson and lyrics by Swati Marwal and Mihir D Upadhyay, produced by Golden Medias.

Click here to view the track:

Talking about the track, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Artist Aloud vice-president Soumini Sridhara Paul said, “Hungama Artist Aloud stands for independent artists and has always believed in being a platform that can help them reach a wider audience. Public Sab Janti Hai is about a relevant issue that needs to be spoken about and imbibed. We are glad to have the track on Artist Aloud and are certain that it will strike a chord with the citizens of India.”

Speaking about the song, filmmaker Mihir said, “With the elections soon approaching, I decided to create a message for the politicians who are trying to divide us and to the public who may be getting fooled by their false claims. The project has been completely constructed on pure love for the country and humanity. I feel there are many things we expect from our politicians but the two non-negotiable qualities are honesty and compassion. The Indians have an amazing capability to forgive and be patient but if you mess with them – there’s no shield against their wrath. It feels great to work with Hungama Artist Aloud to take this message far and wide.”

Elaborating further he said, “The song is a reflection of what we are seeing around us. It is important to call out the tactics used by politicians and media houses and equally important to raise awareness amongst voters about the same. I will feel this effort is a success if we manage to warn a single politician or stop an Indian from falling for the age-old strategy of divide and rule.”