| 23 Jul 2024
Social sharing boosting mobile video growth: Vuclip Survey

MUMBAI: Vuclip, the leading premium mobile video on demand (MVOD) service for emerging markets, released the findings of its Global Video Insights (GVI) survey for Q2 2015. The findings of the survey provide deep insight into consumer behavior associated with sharing videos via social media and instant messaging platforms on mobile.

The survey took into account responses of almost 5,000 mobile video viewers spanning the emerging markets of India, the Middle East and South East Asia and reveals the drivers and emerging trends behind video sharing among mobile users across the region.

Key Insights of the Vuclip GVI Survey relevant to India:

Use of instant messaging platforms and social networks for mobile video sharing is increasing:

·         Whatsapp trumps Facebook as a medium of choice for Indians to share mobile videos with 51% respondents sharing videos via Whatsapp, 45% on Facebook and 15% using G+

·         21% of respondents in India have shown proclivity to share videos at least once a week while 14% of respondents indicated that they share videos at least once a month.

Criteria for mobile video sharing tied to quality:

·         Consumers in India reported the top three key criteria for sharing video:

                                      I.        High quality videos (62%)

                                     II.        Quality of content (25%)

                                    III.        Celebrity appeal & Popularity of videos (24%)

User Generated Content (UGC) generates maximum sharing followed by professionally created Music Video content:

·         23% of respondents in India have shown preference to sharing user generated content of which 58% of the videos shared are in the ‘Funny Videos’ segment

·         In the professionally created content category, music videos (21%) are most frequently shared, followed by comedy clips (15%) and movie trailers (12%)

Smartphones driving the trend forward:

·         49% of respondents reported to be using Android OS based devices.

·         40% of respondents reported to be using feature phones.

·         4% respondents reported to be using Symbian based devices and others.

Key Insights of the Vuclip GVI Survey relevant to other emerging markets:

·         Philippines (70%), Indonesia (66%) and Thailand (61%) are markets where Facebook is seen as the preferred medium for video sharing

·         Malaysia mirrors India in growing use of Whatsapp (46%) as a video sharing medium indicating a trend of moving from one-to-many platforms to one-to-one platforms

·         Malaysia (32%) and Thailand (30%) have the highest rate of UGC videos being shared among the emerging markets

·         Twitter is the second most preferred medium for mobile video sharing in markets such as Indonesia and UAE while G+ is third in preference across most of the emerging markets.

·         G+ and Instagram are more popular platforms for mobile video sharing than Whatsapp and Twitter in Philippines.

Commenting on the release of the survey results, Vuclip COO ArunPrakash said, “One of the core drivers for mobile adoption across the globe has been the way it allows us to share thoughts, moments and entertainment on the go.  At Vuclip, everything revolves around the consumer that we serve. From the ground up, our strategy has been to deliver a high-quality viewing experience combined with premium content. Our survey shows that people respond to this powerful combination by sharing.  This has been the key driver for the tremendous organic growth and consumer driven adoption of mobile videos in the emerging markets that we operate in.”