| 14 Jul 2024
Shankar Mahadevan Academy to collaborate with Berklee College of Music

MUMBAI: After recently tying up with Artist Aloud, the Shankar Mahadevan Academy, owned by Bollywood singer/composer- Shankar Mahadevan, has plans to collaborate with a number of venues to provide platforms for upcoming artists. And one of these happens to be the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

“You need to complement each other and only then the space can grow. What would one do with artists, if they had no platform to perform? You need to have a place where musicians can showcase their talents. Which is why we need a lot of partnerships,” said Mahadevan.

Speaking about the collaboration with Berklee College of Music, Mahadevan said, “If you Google ‘learn music’, the Shankar Mahadevan Academy pops up as the second or third result, and if you type ‘learn music online’, then we come first. We showed these results to Berklee College of music, and they were pretty amazed. They asked us how much we spend on marketing, and I said zero.”

The singer also revealed that officials from Berklee College of Music were in India a couple of months ago to meet him. Visiting the college and discussing the syllabus are two of the things on the cards for him. “I will have to meet a few people over there, including Roger Brown to discuss the syllabus, and we will take a time as discussing a curriculum is a big process. We cannot go wrong with it,” Mahadevan added.

Recently, the Shankar Mahadevan Academy collaborated with NCPA, Mumbai, for which they will use the venue to teach music to children. The academy also partnered with 20-25 schools in India to teach music to students.