| 01 Jun 2023
Pandora Radio to roll out new mobile upgrade for better personalisation

MUMBAI: Pandora Radio has announced a revamped mobile interface that includes new station personalisation functionality and features. Currently in beta version, the interface has only been made available to three per cent of Android and iPhone users. The upgrade will enable Pandora users to further customise their experience, making it easier to discover music.

In a statement, Pandora CTO Chris Martin said, "For more than a decade, our engineering team has worked tirelessly to perfect the personalised radio listening experience and unleash the infinite power of music for our more than 76 million monthly listeners.  And with our users logging more than 1.65 billion listening hours in September alone, we were extremely mindful in the way we made adjustments to the UI so as to enhance and simplify the experience."

With the latest changes, the internet radio service will offer users features like a redesigned interface that will enable better personalisation and navigation, improved station personalisation capabilities for easier access to features and enhanced artiste discovery, making it easier to access artiste information.

Speaking of the new design, Pandora VP of design and creative, Tony Calzaretta said, "With this update, our team arrived at design solutions that exist at the intersection of instinctually and analytically driven insights. We did this with an emphasis on simplicity and clarity, so that we can maximise the listener's ability to personalise their stations and fit their desired Pandora experience."

The internet radio's latest update will be rolled out to Pandora's tablet and mobile users over the next few months.