| 28 Jan 2023
Pandora makes its radio service available on Google Chromecast in New Zealand

MUMBAI: Pandora Radio has announced that it will now be locally available in New Zealand via Google's new TV- connected device- Chromecast, which can wirelessly deliver video and audio entertainment to screens in homes.

In a statement, Pandora director of business development, Rick Gleave said, "Our mission is to provide the best personalised radio experience to our listeners, anytime, anywhere. New Zealanders are listening to more than 12 hours of radio a week and we are continually innovating and investing in new platforms that help us seamlessly deliver access to Pandora across a broad range of connected devices."

He added that with the internet radio service being available on Google Chromecast, users will now have another "easy access point" for an enhanced listening experience straight from their TVs.

Chromecast device owners can stream Pandora Radio on the device once they have downloaded the latest iOS or Android updates for the mobile app, both of which are available on App Store and Google Play, respectively. It works like a regular app installed on a smartphone, tab or laptop, but enables multitasking as the content streams from the cloud while being launched from the mobile device. The device also includes the same functionality Pandora offers- Play, Pause, Skip and Thumb, for easy control and ensuring a seamless personalised radio experience.