| 10 Jun 2023
PlanetRadioCity to add new concepts to its online metal, rock and dance music stations

MUMBAI: The digital arm of Radio City- PlanetRadioCity, launched a new show Planet Radio City Metal Takeover-focusing on indie metal musicians. The first guest RJ for the show was bassist and TV host, Rohit Pereira, aka P-Man. Apart from metal, PlanetRadioCity has plans to cater to rock and dance music fans through its online station.

The new metal concept debuted on the channel on 29th September, with P-Man exclusively sharing his musical journey, influences and opinions on the growing metal scene in the country.

Having played for popular Nu-metal project Pin Drop Violence, the bassist has been an integral and influential part of the metal scene for over a decade. His recent stint at live events and as a television host makes him an ideal choice as the first metal RJ for the channel, thinks Radio City’s new business head and digital media head Rachna Kanwar. The 30-minute podcast is available for listeners on the website.

Demonic Resurrection’s vocalist Sahil Makhija and JK from Chaos, may follow Pereira’s footsteps, mulled Kanwar.

With a growing number of listeners on its international stations like rock, PlanetRadioCity plans to start an audio documentary in October that will focus on rock stars called– Rockumentary. The new concept will join a list of varied concepts based on the genre, which includes New Music Tuesdays (3pm to 4pm), Power Cut on RC Rock (Sunday 2pm – 4pm), My Playlist on RC Rock (every Wednesday 3pm to 4pm).

The station also plans to add a new show focusing on Dubstep called ‘The Dubstep Hours’. It will start soon on the web radio channel – Radio City Dance.

The station, with its wide range of channels, is expanding to other genres. Much more can be expected from their indie stations, including Radio City Freedom Awards.

Recently, PlanetRadioCity has won the award for international excellence in online radio at the RAIN Summit 2015. Commenting on the win, Kanwar said, “We are delighted at winning the prestigious RAIN (Radio and Internet News) Award for 'International Excellence in Audio’ at the RAIN Summit, Atlanta. The category attracts entries from across the world and we are honoured to be chosen as the best.”