| 01 Jun 2023
VITY launches breakthrough digital networking platform with The Vity Concert Experience

MUMBAI: On 9 May, VITY (Vine, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) will launch its new digital platform, the first social media network that will connect social media influencers with advertisers directly in order to create a mutually beneficial relationship to support ad campaigns. With VITY, small and large advertisers will be able to browse through a network of social media influencers and offer them compensation for supporting their brand via their own social media channels. VITY eliminates the laborious time-consuming process of advertisers actively searching for social media Influencers by providing a searchable tool where brands can locate applicable Influencers for their campaigns. Influencers can also select which brands they want to align themselves with, making VITY the ideal platform for both parties.

“It has been an amazing journey working with my combined team at Mineral and Mithra62 in conjunction with the partners to develop VITY. We have successfully constructed and developed an innovative and captivating solution that will provide direct tools for Influencers to finally connect directly with Advertisers,” said, VITY co?founder Lynne Haaland.

“We want VITY to be an essential tool in reaching their target markets through social media. Ultimately, this helps influencers monetize their time and effort in building a following and consumers to get more authentic, relevant and organic advertising,” adds, VITY co-founder/co?CEO Mark Abdou.

On its launch day, VITY will host an exclusive event, The VITY Concert Experience, partnering with Meerkat to live stream globally, the performances by TYGA, KID INK, JACK & JACK, and other surprise guests at a to-­?be-­?disclosed location in Hollywood, California. The red carpet event will include celebrity and VIP attendees consisting of social media influencers and advertisers who will be able to network and learn more about VITY. Demos will be provided through the duration of the evening to ensure all guests comprehend and understand the platform. VITY is also inviting California residents to participate in a sweepstakes for the chance to win a pair of tickets to the exclusive concert, valued at $100 each. Additionally, VITY will also be selling exclusive tickets at, to the VIP Event, immediately following.
“This launch party will ignite a marketplace for the world of social media advertising in a brand new way by bringing influencers and advertisers together through VITY. We are pioneering and leading this space through a platform unlike any other,” said, VITY co-­?founder Jacob Peterson.

A select number of ticket sales from the concert will benefit Dan Fleyshman's Model Citizen Fund, a non-­?profit organization that distributes life-­?sustaining backpacks filled with 150 items that include food, health, and survival essentials to the homeless and disaster victims, giving them the tools and confidence to build/rebuild their lives.