| 14 Jul 2024
Sony Music soon to unveil Sony Jive exclusively for all Indian android consumers

MUMBAI: Sony Music Jive initially was developed exclusively for Xperia and Vaio consumers. However, the app will now be accessible to all Android users by end of the year and will allow consumers to download and stream music from Sony Music Catalogue.

Jive’s allows access to a 100 year old catalogue which comprises artistes such as Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Santana, AR Rahman, Shakira, Beyonce, Keisha, Pitbull, KK, Lucky Ali and many more. Sony Music Entertainment digital business director Hari Nair in a conversation with’s Jescilia Karayamparambil, revealed not only about his plans with Sony Jive but also his take on film apps.

How is Sony Jive doing?

We have a million plus unique user on Jive out of which 6.5-7 lakh are active. Approximately, the app has three million downloads a month and about 13 million streams. About 60 per cent of new songs streamed or downloaded on Jive are international content. Bollywood has a bigger share when it comes to downloading and streaming is concerned, which is followed by international content. The number of downloads and streaming in regional space is around 20 per cent –Tamil is nine per cent, Punjabi is three per cent and rest is seven per cent. This will not be exclusive to Sony Mobile anymore. It will be opening up to consumers by end of this year. First, we will put it up for Android and second, we will shift focus to iOS.

Tell us more about the Sony Jive product, which would be available on various devices?

We will probably start with one month trial usage until the consumers accept the product. There would be certain set of features especially for the paid model. The product will have more features and innovations that we probably cannot disclose, right away. We have a definite product plan for Jive in the app and WAP space. The testing for the product is on. I think the paid model should work but in case it does not the advertising model will really work. Various WAP services are growing at a rate of 25-30 per cent so we are optimistic that our model will grow too.

Which regions/countries will the new Sony Jive app be available?

It will be available in India as there are other Sony music apps operating in different markets. We will not focus on a particular region as such but when we have quality content for the regions like Tamil Nadu and Punjab, we will try focussing on that. We will have campaign for that region specifically. There are many apps that are run by Sony music globally so we will restrict the app to India. Then, if the app shows traction then we might move it to neighbouring countries like Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh. We might launch this app in Middle-East, as we are already in talks with them.

Will Sony handsets have additional features for Sony Jive?

Sony mobile will continue to use Jive as we allow access to other consumers to use our product. In the meanwhile, we might get in other content partners on board.

How productive is film app?

We have lot of apps on the Google Play store. On the new movie side, you have seen spike in download because in last few months, we had Humshakals, Holiday, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and Anjaan, all this crossed around five lakh downloads. The revenues are minuscule and it is purely advertising driven. Most of the apps only work well for limited time frame after which it dies. But apps like AR Rahman, Coke Studio and other songs compilation app, which works well. The product on the app has to improve for the consumers to stay back.

Is the film app doing well in terms of revenue?

It is not doing well in terms of revenue but it will sooner or later. It is growing gradually.

How much do you end up spending in an app?

In terms of revenue, there is no challenge of spending as most of the deals are revenue sharing. A basic app can cost between Rs 5-8 lakh and additional feature can cost up to 30-40 lakh.

What is happening with your deal with Techzone?

Our contracts have expired with Techzone. They are in talks with us and there is nothing concrete as of now.

How is the ad revenue in compilation app?

Films are stronger as they are the most searched apps currently, but I believe that compilation app will pick-up and will generate 70 per cent revenue and films will generate 30 per cent in the future, but right now that is not the case.

Which platform has potential to grow?

All digital platforms have potential to grow since the consumer base is growing year on year. The majority growth for content led services will come from mobile consumers specifically, in android. The direct- to- consumer business on app and WAP is growing 25-28 per cent year-on-year, with telecom operator payment gateway as the driver. The current size of this business would be approximately USD 250-275 million annually. There are many players in this but very less with product focus. This is an area of potential to grow. The traditional VAS platforms like CRBT is also showing growth after the TRAI regulations hit the market. Telecom operators are seeing approx 5-7 per cent growth in their overall revenues. There has to be more product innovation on this. The entire ecosystem should invest in marketing and reviving this product, which is now organically growing, after the multiple consent flow.

What is your take on the new upcoming streaming services in the market?

It is the way forward. Many streaming sites are coming to India with their products. Spotify will also enter into the market soon. The streaming services are growing and we would like to support the services as much as we can.

What are the new film apps that you are working on?

We are working on the app for the film ‘Bang Bang’ directed by Siddarth Anand.